Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Em(bra)rassment

(Emily was dating her boyfriend for almost a year at the University. Every few weeks, some of her girl friends liked to go out with her, eat, get some drinks, and generally amuse themselves. This usually ends up with the ladies getting so tipsy that she would forget some of what happened that night. The next morning her boyfriend called her to make sure she was okay.)

Emily: [softly] “Hello.”

Boyfriend: “So you survived! How was your night out?”

Emily: “It was great! We went to dinner, had some drinks, but I forgot a lot of what happened. But I wound up in my own bed this morning so all is well.”

Boyfriend: “That sounds nice, but you’re not allowed to go out without me anymore.”

Emily: “Why not?”

Boyfriend: “Would you happen to have all your clothes on this morning?”

Emily: “Huh? Why do you-” [Suddenly she realized that she was missing her bra.]  "Oh God!"

Boyfriend: “Yeah, because I found a bra hanging from my roommate's doorknob when I got up, and I thought that one of you might want it back.”


Anemone said...

They had a world class girls' nite out!

You're in Tennessee now?

Cloudia said...

uh oh!


Bilbo said...

I've never heard of the don't-come-in signal of a bra hanging on the doorknob. In college, my roommate and I would turn the name card on our door around as a somewhat more subtle signal.

Mike said...

I never got to use the don't come in signal as I was not away at college that long.
And in that picture it looks like the bra is on the inside of the door.

John Hill said...


Linda Kay said...

Angel, great story! Quite a night out.

Grand Crapaud said...

Kind of an obvious do not disturb sign!

allenwoodhaven said...

In college our signal was to draw a pizza on the grease board hanging on the door.
Why? I have no idea. It wasn't used often on my floor, but everyone knew what it meant.

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer said...

Nice story!

Gorilla Bananas said...

So did the roommate get any booby action? I hate a story with loose ends. :)

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I think the roommate got more than that!