Monday, September 17, 2018

Boudreaux Gets Called for Jury Duty

Boudreaux had received a summons to appear for jury duty.

The judge was doing his preliminary interview of the prospective jurors, and asked them, "Is there any reason any of you could not serve as a juror in this case?"

Boudreaux raised his hand and when the judge acknowledged him said, " Mais, I can't serve, Judge. I don't want to be away from my job dat long."

The judge asked him, "Can't they do without you at work?"

Boudreaux answered, "Yeh, Judge, dey can do without me, but I jus' don't wants dem to know it."

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Grand Teche Stages a Charivari

Well, it was totally unexpected: Pierre Meaux and Shirley Baudoin, on a whim, ran off to Mississippi to get married. And by a Justice of the Peace, no less.

The word got out that they were coming back to Grand Teche after this big surprise; and the locals decided that they needed to mark this event with an old-fashioned custom: a charivari. Well, people elsewhere spell it a shivaree; and its pronounced the same and goes pretty well like it.

So the locals got out their bugles, fireworks, washpans, and whistles to serenade the blissful couple until they invited all in to toast the happy bride and groom.

Well, it was about bedtime; and the lights of chez Meaux were gettin' put out and time to get cozy when the noise began. Boom! Bang! Bang! Rattle! Such a din!

Now poor Pierre, he got totally confused. What in hell was going on?

But Shirley got the idea -- the neighbors were treating them to an old-fashioned charivari. No, it wasn't because they were angry; or because the Meauxes violated some regional custom as some sources have it.  It was simply that they were in the hot, steamy dog days of summer and people get bored, you know. . . . And in Grand Teche sometimes people need to make their fun.

Well . . . . fortunately, the local 7-11 store recently launched a special delivery service; and Shirley decided that a few cases of beer, and associated snack foods would do the trick. Neighbors just want to celebrate a wedding in style.

That was a great save! And all due to Tee Thibodaux while manning the cash register made a special hauling of stuff for the impromptu party!

Yee Haw!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Different Kind of Laboratory?

Laboratories, love them or not. Some, like Physics, are usually tedious; but some, like Biology or Chemistry, can be a real hoot.

Do we have an accompaniment to Vo Ed here; or is this a lesson to support the True Love Waits philosophy?

This is, to say the least, an eye-catching headline. 

Does the staid old Department of Education seems to have a new look with the current administration?

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Prettiest Town in Louisiana

MSN recently had an article listing the prettiest towns in each state.

Breaux Bridge was listed as Louisiana's Prettiest Town. (Pronounced "Bro Bridge.")

In an earlier post I described Breaux Bridge's quirky phone book that listed subscribers by nickname; probably a unique practice as phone books go; but very useful in a place where plumb everyone knows your nickname.

If you like, you can find the place that they consider the prettiest one for your state and others. This sight has them listed by state; so you can go forward or back in the alphabetical order. (Click left for Alabama through Kentucky; right for Maine through Wyoming.)

However, there is a reason to question the criteria that MSN used to select these 50 allegedly prettiest towns for each state. For example, the article lists Gatlinburg as Tennessee's prettiest town. Frankly, it's a tourist trap. Admittedly, not as tacky as Pigeon Forge; but it's tacky enough. Being surrounded by verdant mountains does help; but still, it's like putting lipstick on a pig.

How did it do with your state? Was MSN on target or totally clueless?

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Redshirting Children for School

When it comes to gaming things for their children, some parents come up with unique strategies.

For a long time, some parents would try to start their child's educational career by starting them in school early, so that they would complete their elementary and secondary education early; and start college at 16 or 17 rather than 18.

But lately, some parents have latched onto the strategy of redshirting their children: starting them in kindergarten or first grade a year later than anticipated. This has them in preschool (if available) at an older age than most.

These little moppets thus are likely to have a competitive edge as compared to their slightly younger classmates, both in terms of size and maturity. It's a calculated strategy in terms of both their physical and maturational abilities being somewhat advanced when they are a year older.

However, here's a possible fly in this ointment: the financial ability of parents to afford doing this may further the gap between parents who can afford to do this, and others. Preschools often cost extra.

There is a further possibility that this type of approach might boomerang if there is a critical optimal period for some learning experiences to take place; however, a year's difference is not likely to matter.

Anyway, it is amazing to what lengths some parents may go to in gaming the system. This is a whole new area for educational outcome research.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A French Revolution Groaner

During the French Revolution, the common people were intent on ridding themselves of all vestiges of the royalty and nobility. 

The Reign of Terror ensued and all of the nobles were hunted down. Some were allowed to leave the country; however, most were executed at the guillotine. One nobleman in particular had sent his family into hiding in hopes of saving them. Soon he was caught. 

The crowd searched in vain for his family, but they were well hidden. Threats were made but he always replied, "I'll never tell!"

Finally the crowd dragged him to the guillotine and offered to let him and his family leave the country if he would only disclose their location. Again he replied, "I'll never tell!"

They dragged him up onto the platform next to the horrible machine and asked him again. Still he replied, "I'll never tell!"

They laid his neck across the cutting board and asked him once more. Again, he replied, "I'll never tell!"

They slowly hoisted the blade and again asked for the location of his family. Weakly he replied " I'll never tell!"

They waited to see if his resolve would fail, he remained silent. Just as the executioner pulled the release and the blade began to fall the Count called out "Wait, I'll tell, I'll t....."

The moral to this story, don't hatchet your Count before he chickens!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Playing Pool for Keeps

Grand Tina, while doin' physics and geometry at Bayou Teche High School, got herself a brainstorm.

It seems that the local rec center got some pool tables, despite some naysayers declaring that pool with the first step on the road to perdition. Anyway, folks figured that they might pussyfoot a mite further, as that game was fun and lotsa other stuff they could think of was too. And in the manner of Cajuns, it soon turned into a bettin' occasion.

Now the big insight that Tina had was that if a pool shot would hit the side of the table, it would reflect at the same angle on the opposite side. This was big; because she and Tee Boudreaux would use things like that to win bets off Texans and oil men and other strays comin' into the area and placing bets.

To help things along, she and Tee would act like dumb Cajuns, saying "Woo-eee!" and "Mon Dieu!" and muff a shot sometimes to make themselves look like plain amateurs or even dumb dorks. Now the local pool hall loungers soon got mindful of their antics, and would play them only for practice. 

Tina would use distractors: she would giggle, make antics and let Tee Boo try to show her how to pool; but the two were in cahoots and part of the sting. And Tina would wear her low-cut blouse and minimal demi-bra to provide a further distractor. 

It seems that the players were more interested in Tina's superstructure than how she was lining up shots. Especially when she shifted from a total goose mode to bein' a pool shark! And took those Texans big time!

The moral is, don't give into first impressions. Especially when playing pool.