Monday, June 26, 2017

Tee Tina's Test for Boyfriend Quality

So Tee Tina had a less-than-satisfying time on her date with Tee Thibodaux. Seriously, that boy was always trying to push the limits. After all, a date was a social occasion; not a hands-on experience for him.  But now that she was old enough to see guys, there was the question as to who to spend time with. No one intimidatingly forward, but someone nice and sincere. In other words, real boyfriend material.

Now in consultation with other girls, she explored the idea of selecting guys on the basis of their willingness to take her to Mass on Sunday. This had an appeal on one level; however being seen together at Mass might be mis-read by older people as the two of them being long-term serious. After all, adults might come to expect an impending reading of their banns of marriage at church!

No, too much of a commitment is implied. And no one wants to be talked about by adults over their Sunday dinner; even if it's taken at the Blue Duck Diner or over the picnic table!

Another criterion suggested by some girls was offered: Would the guy take her to see a rom-com? The more romantic, the better. No, the fact is that a demand of that kind might be seen by guys to serve as a prelude to a hot make-out session afterwards. (Tee Tina knew something about how teen guys' brains worked.)

The fact is, you have to kiss a number of toads before you find a real prince. It ain't easy, you know.

Finally, Tee Tina decided on a field test for possible candidates. This was a early sign that she had a scientific bent that she furthered later on in another area at L.S.U.

Her test was straightforward. When she was one on one with a guy, she just happened to have undone three buttons of her blouse while pretending to be apparently oblivious to that fact. To be sure, she was showing more of herself than was socially acceptable! Her reasoning was that a nice guy would point out her predicament in a nice way; and not simply ogle her boobies.

She decided to test her idea on Tee Boudreaux; seemingly a manageable guy.

Anyway, Tee Boudreaux passed her politeness test, though he was a bit abashed to point out Tina's problem. Tee Boo was an innocent about such things. Somehow, saying "Nice pink bra, Tina" lacked subtlety; but Tina read that as Boudreaux offering an awkward compliment.

Anyway, Tee Tina found herself a boyfriend; one polite, caring, and one she could manage quite effectively. Not a bad deal at all.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Modern Fashion of Beards

The hirsute look is making a comeback on guys, after a long night since the late 1800's. Actually, the bearded look became really big during the Civil War; and sort of petered out in the early 1900's And definitely by the beginning of World War I.

From whence did this come? Is it a sign of the incipient rise of sectionalist strife; or did the price of razor blades reach critical mass? Or possibly there are a lot of latent hipsters out there that are lurking behind the camouflage of being accountants or attorneys? Or do hillbillies have a lot of secret admirers?

One reason that has not been raised much before is that some guys favor beards as a blatant sign promising virility on the part of the bewhiskered. In other words, "Have sex with me and I'll ring your chimes every time!" Now that can be as obvious as carrying a sign! And that might explain why lumberjacks are so popular. 

And some Freudian might equate a shave of the whiskers as the guy equivalent to bikini waxing. Do the bearded also prefer the au naturel look for women too? Someone should look into this, because bikini waxing is darn painful! Now that's a 2017 quid pro quo for you!

In the meantime sports figures tend to grow whiskers in profusion. Even the Mariners and other also-ran teams.

Do you think that William Thomson, Lord Kelvin was sexy? You might be susceptible to the lure of the beard! Or perhaps the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics! Entropy, anyone?

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Music - "Jolie Blonde"

"Jolie Blonde" is the most loved and most played Cajun Song. It's also known as "Jole Blon." Here's Waylon Thibodeaux's rendition:

For the song lyrics in Acadian French and English, go to Jo-El Sonnier's version.

Regretfully, I found no "Jolie Blonde" instrumental involving the accordion. Or maybe, it's just as well, given the reception that accordion music may get.