Friday, September 25, 2015

A Little About Pigs

Pig-Gate. There, I said it!

We may as well accept it: sometimes the tiresome -gate suffix, that blast from the 1970's, disco-era past, may still have some uses nowadays! At least it's possible to allude to the partying habits of the posh class in Merry Olde England without getting too clinical. Still, no matter how the Republican and Democratic candidates for President act like total douches (a plague on both houses!), they don't match this bit from the Brit seamy side of political life! Is it for real' or is it a dirty trick? I won't pretend to know. The British press is so low rent! 

But at least you can say that I brought home the bacon with these piggy cartoons:

What about airborne swine?

I never thought of those kinds of pigs in a blanket!

A G.M.O. to worry about:

Fine dining for pigs:

Even pigs get gross tattoos . . . .

Do they fly business class when they fly?

Don't tell the children:

Some people have an honest difference in opinions; others have honest objections:

I like this surreal image. It has a lot of win to it. Her red backpack provides a nice asymmetry to the picture:

But what can you say about pork barrel legislation? It only happens in someone else's district. Each political party blames it on the other. House members can never get enough. No one got trichinosis from pork barrel legislation. Is it best with a red sauce, with a vinegar-based sauce, or with a dry rub?

North Carolina loves pork barrel legislation. [Click to enlarge.] They keep everybody in need of pork barrels, especially in East Carolina:


Gorilla Bananas said...

So the pig story has reached America! Who would have thunk? The story is quite likely false, but there really is a club called the 'Piers Gaveston society'. I believe its members prefer getting porked to porking.

Leroy said...

Good post!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Unfortunately the bacon cost is too outrageous to bring home anymore, and I'm in NC. Ha!

John Hill said...

Are you bringing some of the Carolina pork to Tennessee for educational spending?

Mike said...

But where's the picture of piggate? (I'd not heard of it before now.)

TexWisGirl said...

loved the slot tattoo. :)

Cloudia said...

You are fresh! So much writing is predictable and yawn-worthy. You never bore, and that is HUGE, Angel! [quite apart from being a bright scholar and all around good human]


Big Sky Heidi said...

I wonder what D.C.'s sex partner thinks about all this?

Hell Hound said...

Capitalist pigs fly business class!

Linda Kay said...

Great post on piggies today! The cartoons are very funny. Love the 'pork barrel'. Bacon is really expensive anymore, as is all meat in the grocery store. I do ration it, but it's hard to not have some at least once in a while!

allenwoodhaven said...

Love the tattoo! Excellent collection.