Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Russian Ship Lyubov Orlova

As incredible as it sounds, the abandoned Russian cruise ship Lyubov Orlova may have been drifting in the North Atlantic Ocean for over two years.  Supposedly, it's filled with cannibal rats, and is said to drift to the coast of Ireland or Scotland eventually.

It had a reinforced hull suitable for cruising in the Arctic and Antarctic waters.  The cabins sounded Spartan, but it was for voyagers who wished to see the  polar regions and feel like an intrepid explorer.

The owners had a number of financial troubles, and it was  ultimately sold for scrap.  It had been in St. John's, Newfoundland when it was sold.  The ship was in the process of being towed to the Dominican Republic where it was to be taken apart; however, the tow line broke and it started to drift, endangering nearby oil rigs and fishing areas in Canadian territory.  A towing company reconnected a line to the Lyuova Orlova, and it towed it away from Canadian waters so that it would not be a problem to be oil and fishing activities there.  There they turned it loose irresponsibly, and it started to drift in the direction of Europe.

Where is this nearly 300 foot, 4200 gross tons of flotsam right now?  Some claim it sank; but others say it might have an Irish or Scottish future.

Anyway, if it just happens to be around, hasn't anyone thought about claiming this vessel as their own; and using it for their own purposes?  Can it be made seaworthy?  And used for some purpose or another?

Piracy, perhaps?  Presently, the Somali and Pacific pirates operate with small, vulnerable vessels.  But suppose some of them got this vessel  fitted out with some credible naval gun?

Or, maybe some company could convert it into a party boat.  If they would do this, there are several possible places it could operate from: Ibiza, Miami, Trenton, or even Pensacola!

Finally, it could simply be towed to a port, advertised as a haunted ship, and be a popular place for couples to go for Halloween.  After all, in the U.S. and Europe, old houses serve in that role each year already.

All is takes is a little imagination; plus someone skilled in engine repair.,0,1255548.story#axzz2zqzoV9jB


Duckbutt said...

I wonder if abandoning old cruise ships will be adopted by the lines since they are going to those 4000 - 5000 passenger monstrosities.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Ships, if uncared for, deteriorate fairly rapidly.

TexWisGirl said...

a rat removal. :)

Mike said...

I think it would be fine torpedo practice for the navy.

Juliette said...

It was irresponsible to just turn that ship loose on the high seas.

Bilbo said...

Perhaps Carnival cruise lines could take it over, as I understand they have significant experience with operating derelict ships.

Cloudia said...

Awesome imagination! What will you delight us with next?! Can't wait to see. . . .fun post. Esp loved the list of potential home-ports. Have you BEEN to Trenton NJ?

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