Thursday, January 19, 2012

Voting Bra

Triumph International's Voter Turnout Lift-UP! bra is designed to look like a Japanese voting box and comes with bottoms made of ballots. The lingerie's wearer or admirers can cast their ballots by peeling off a ticket and casting it in the bodice. A pencil case on a string is available when the voters make their decisions.  Isn't the combination of democracy and marketing grand?  Or maybe we should remember Henry David Thoreau's words: "Beware of enterprises requiring new clothes."

A Triumph International spokesperson was quoted as saying, "While increasing interest in getting people to vote, we also developed a bra that would dramatically raise the national interest in the bust."  As if it needed doing.  We;;, they did not make a bust of it. 

This silver metallic concept number, though, might have some features that cause politicians to remember those days when you could stuff the ballot box, like in Chicago.  Each of these custom-made bras supposedly retails for a hefty $494.  It does not have the same kind of problems that plagued Florida in the 2000 election. 

Here in the U.S.A. we have a bra available for patriotic female voters to express their support for our electoral system on election day and feel uplifted in the process.  More demure demoiselles might avoid wearing sheer blouses, or at least consider a matching patriotic camisole.  The bras sold in Chcago can be stuffed, if there is a need to turn a close election.  

Obviously, this festive bra could be worn on other days as the Fourth ofJuly, or if Wonder Woman needs an alternative costume. 


Big Sky Heidi said...

Could the U.S. model be worn as a top?

Bilbo said...

Well, it would certainly solve the problem of voters ... at least male ones ... losing interest in the electoral process. I think we've finally found a great way for voters to support their favorite candidate. Or both of them.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Isn't the melding of deomcracy and fashion wonderful?