Sunday, January 8, 2012

197th Anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans

On this day in 1815 a put-together group of soldiers consisting of American regulars, Louisiana militia, Tennessee and Mississippi volunteers, Choctaw Indians, free men of color (as they were termed back then), and Barataria pirates led by Andrew Jackson defeated the British at Chalmette, having established a defense line along the Rodriguez canal.

This was the most one-sided victory over a major force by American soldiers.

This link gives the American Order of Battle:

January 8, 1815


Duckbutt said...

Very interesting. The battle was fought after the peace treaty. No one there knew that the War of 1812 was over because the telegraph was not invented yet.

Bilbo said...

Duckbutt reminds us of one of the most interesting things about the Battle of New Orleans ... that it was fought after the war was over. That's what happened back when cutting-edge communications technology was ink on paper.