Monday, January 23, 2012

A Thought Regarding California Girls

Well East coast girls are hip
I really dig those styles thy wear
And the Southern girls with the way they talk
They knock my out when I'm down there.

the Mid-west farmer's daughters
really make you feel alright
And the Northern girls with the way they kiss
They keep their boyfriends warm at night

I wish they all could be California
I wish they all could be California
I wish they all could be California girls

The West coast has the sunshine
And the girls all get so tanned
I dig a French bikini on Hawaii island
Dolls by a palm tree in the sand

Thus the Beach Boys, in their oldie song, characterize girls in different parts of the country.  I have to wonder about a few things:

1)  Aren't they rather superficial as to hipness, judging the East Coast girls as being that way because of their clothing?  Isn't that more a reflection of affluence?

2)  Just how do those Mid-west farmers' daughters make them feel alright?  How many bases do they allow?

3)  And what is it about the kisses of Northern girls?  Do they French kiss?  Are their boyfriends easily febrile?

4)  However, the part of my greatest concern has to be what Southern girls do for them:  They knock them out by talking!

Now, I have a Southern acccent; but its partly Cajun and partly Yatspeak.  Not rendolent of moonlight and magnolias.  Anyway, the Beach Boys are of an earlier time.  But when the song came out, it was during Mom's girlhood.  (As a matter of fact, she has recounted fond memories of the Beach Boys when she was young.) 

Obviously, she was not a California girl.  Still, it would have been nice to think that she could have dazzled those surfin' troubadors, for her sake.

But who would have been an example of a 1960's-era California girl?

Doing a little math, I figured it out that the California girls sung about by the Beach Boys would be in their sixties or seventies today.  Now let's see?

Linda Ronstadt?  She was cute.  But, no, she was born in Phoenix. 

Nancy Pelosi?  Now that's a warped thought, Botox Nancy in a French bikini!  No, rest easy.  She came from Baltimore.

Barbara Boxer?  No, she came from New York.

What is this?  Is California ruled by non-natives?

Oh well, California girls from a later time developed into quality cougar material: Cameron Diaz, Courtney Cox, Carmen Electra.  Maybe the Beach Boys were just jumping the gun a bit.


Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Carmen Electra is a fine-looking woman: definitely California girl material.

bakku-shan said...

Thanks for the thoughts.

Juliette said...

They still play that song and the Beach Boys after over 40 years. I could not understand why California girls were particularly enshrined. Maybe because they were available to surfers.

Bilbo said...

I never saw anything special in California girls, myself. Every time I've been there, I get the feeling that they're all the same plastic babes cut from the same template, and most are pretty dim to boot. I prefer the East Coast girls, whatever style they wear.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thanks for the observations, Elvis, Bakku-shan, Balcony, and Bilbo. I thought the old song wsas intriguing though very simplistic. But California seems like an alternative universe to me!

Randomly Rachel said...

I love that song!

I'll tell you how us Midwest farmers' daughters do it.........oh, I'm from St. Croix!