Monday, February 13, 2017

Praying for the Saints to Win

A group of good ladies from St. Cletus's Parish were having a post Super Bowl session for coffee and beignets, as it turns out.

To tell the truth, no one in the group was exactly enthusiastic about Super Bowl LI: the New England Patriots were universally regarded as cheaters, and Atlanta was always a city known for its questionable charms and manners. No, podners; they all would have preferred that the Saints won, just like in 2010!

But things did not look like things would move that way again soon; so they decided to pray for another Saints win in Super Bowl LII! (As if the Good Lord didn't have more important things to do!)

So Tina Moreau suggested that they all do a novena together and pray for the Saints.

This sounded like a good idea; but Madeline raised an important issue: when to hold this nine days of praying? After all, the Saints started out losing in 2016 and couldn't break the habit.

"Well.....we could hold it at the start of the season," opined Suzette.

But, judging from last year's performance, this called for a deeper effort. Maybe fasting from coffee would do it, suggested Missy Chauvin naively. The shudder around the table to her that this was a nonstarter. Some weakly proposed that a fasting from Ramos gin fizzes be substituted. Or doing a full-fledged fast three days a week. This is playing hardball!

Finally, Clotilde dropped the C-bomb. Oh yes, the proposal that some dreaded: taking a vow of celibacy from beginning of the football season until the Saints won the Super Bowl again! Surely this would be the means to plead the sincerity of the cause. Other people in the Café du Monde thought it was worth a try. And pray to St. Archie Manning for his intercession.

If that didn't work, then let's all have Breakfast at Brennan's and drink mimosas! Now that's how true Orleanians console themselves!

Or they could put a gris-gris on the Patriots and Steelers and Falcons, just in case!


John Hill said...

Team owners and even members have enough of a stake in winning a championship to make fasting a consideration. However, these are serious fans, indeed, to consider fasting of any kind -- especially a sexual fast -- in hopes of bringing about a championship team!
And considering that we are talking about the Saints -- it could be a long dry spell!

Cloudia said...

Drastic steps!

Mike said...

I've heard the word novena but never really knew what it was. Nine days or nine weeks of prayers and other stuff. They could do back to back nine weekers.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

I have a remedy for the Saints' losing!
Just drink 6 to 8 of these on NFL Sundays:

Will that make winners of the Saints?
No. But you'll cease to care.

~ Stephen
DogGtor of Alcohology and
King of Inebriation Nation

Gorilla Bananas said...

I was thinking Clotilde might be an anagram for clitoris, but not quite. You can still play games with Clotilde if you're celibate, right?