Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gina and Anna

Gina and Anna were identical twins from St. Croix.  Because they shared 100% of genes in common with each other, and didn't acquire any phenotypic differences, their parents made an effort to dress them differently, and avoided the use of rhyming names unlike what many parents of identical twins tend to do.  This was to avoid the tendency for the twins to be fused in identity as 'the twins.'  Besides, practically, they wanted ease in being able to tell their girls apart.

However, by the time Gina and Anna became teens, they found some advantages in being hard to distinguish.  In ninth grade, they swapped each other's class schedule; with the result being that the grades recorded for Gina were earned by Anna, and vice-versa.  Why?  Well, Gina was fond of a particular General Science teacher, while Anna was unmoved.  And Anna wanted to sit next to a particular boy, but he was enrolled in Gina's History class!

And, to the girls' amazement, when they swapped clothes, their parents could not tell them apart!

Speaking of boys, when they were allowed to date, they occasionally swapped off; each going out with the other one's boyfriend on occasion.  And they had a great time comparing notes afterwards! 

In a nutshell, Gina and Anna showed a response to their identical twinness developmentally opposite to what normally occurs.  Most identicals accept their twin status as children; but balk at being seen as a set when they become teens or older.  Sometimes they liked being indistinguishable.  When they worked at part-time jobs, and their schedules allowed, they occasionally substituted for each other.  This paid off if one wasn't feeling good, or stayed out late, or the like.

But the best thing that Gina and Anna experienced as a result of their identical twinship was the degree of sympatico that they mutually shared due both to heredity and to the highly similar experiences they shared!  Neither was ever completely alone in outlook; and instinctively understood how the other felt.  It's why identical twins remain so closely connected throughout their lives.

And sometimes it leads to humorous farces.  When it came time for prom season, Anna was asked by two boys; and Gina automatically got a prom date also.  This was the Prom of the Two Annas.  It was only when the two couples got together toward the end of the evening that the truth came out.

Neither guy was particularly unhappy.  Perhaps it was because they both had been relieved to be able to score a prom date.  And  the mild scoring afterwards wasn't bad, either!


John Hill said...

I always enjoy your stories, Angel.
The world is lucky that I wasn't born a twin.

Pineapple Willie said...

It would be a hoot to date and make out with both identical twins. An awesome threesome!

Bilbo said...

The whole identical twin thing is a staple of mystery fiction, with the "evil twin" being the guilty party. I don't think I'd be comfortable finding out that I'd been handed off between twins to be evaluated.

Mike said...

I agree with John.... on both counts.

Svejk said...

I see it the same way as Bilbo.

Meredith said...

It would have been fun to have an identical twin sister.

Meredith said...

It would have been fun to have an identical twin sister.