Monday, January 30, 2017

Tee Boudreaux Playing Football

Fer sure, Papa Boudreaux and Tee Tina wanted Tee Boudreaux to try out for the Bayou Teche High School football team. They talked him into it, and Tee Boo tried out for the team although he was only fourteen. To his surprise and some of the older team members, the coach selected to be the third string quarterback mainly 'cause Tee Angel was the fourth string one. 

So the team was playing its fourth game against Abbeville. The team was losing by two touchdowns just before halftime when the first-string quarterback got bonked on his funny bone. Oww-hee! Dat smartened, and de coach pulled him outa da game.

In goes the second-string quarterback, but he got the miseries from a sprained ankle, so de coach goes, "Oh God!" Takin' de Good Lord's name in vain. No, the coach had no other alternative except to play Tee Boudreaux. Maybe he won't do too much damage.

He tells Tee Boudreaux to do an end run round the right side on the first play, go over left tackle on the second, try an option on the third, and punt on the fourth. The coach figured that the team could re-group during halftime. So Tee Boudreaux got sent in as quarterback.

On the first play, Tee Boo did an end run around the right side and made twenty yards.

On the next one he went off tackle got sixty yards. And on the third play Tee Boudreaux did the option and they wound up with the ball on the one yard line. All just like de coach tole him to do.

So it's first and goal on the one. Ol' coach was goin', "My, he's a natural ball handler."

Then Tee Boo dropped back in punt formation.

And kicked one hell of a punt outa da stadium!  For true!


Mike said...

OH NO! He did exactly what I told him to do!

John A Hill said...

Of course!

Cloudia said...

Thanks Honey

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Why, Tee Boo, whatever did you mean, punting the ball from the one? Maybe football's just not your game, Tee Boo. I know! Let's have a baseball contest!

~ D-FensDogG
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Gorilla Bananas said...

Out of the stadium? That must have been a home run then. :)

Leroy said...

That was a hoot!

Bilbo said...

Having lived in Louisiana, I can absolutely believe this story.

Arlee Bird said...

Well, I don't know much about football, but I could appreciate this story. Nicely told.

Arlee Bird
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