Friday, January 13, 2017

In a Bad Humor About Present-Day Humor

Some people, agencies, and corporations must have learned their social interaction skills from helicopter parents (usually moms, to make a dangerous observation) or tiger mothers.  It's tough love all the way.  Everywhere you might turn there is this mania to channel peoples' behavior in some direction.  Things cannot be left to chance or free choice; they must nudge someone in one direction or another.  Or an uplifting message, like they're channeling a Wonderbra or something!

Lemme get on track, peeps.  This is what gets my nonspecific knickers in a wad.  It is the insistence that humor must have a point transcendent to the desire to entertain, create a little more happiness, and joy to our little corners of the world.  Let's face it, cruel political humor abounds nowadays.  This is partly because of our interminable continual news coverage of politics, and because people are continually running for office. Also, we went through the nastiest election ever that we should be ashamed of!

Maybe there's Clausewitzian logic involved: Humor is a continuation of politics by other means.

But why should everything have a transcendent reason? Why not humor for humor's sake? Ars gratia artis. This painting from the Boston Public Library captures this. I don't think it had a point besides a good belly laugh:

The Widow, Boston Public Library


Cloudia said...

We need to laugh! Yes. That's why Mike is one of my 10,000 versions of normal.

John Hill said...

Too often, humor now makes fun of someone. It's funny for everybody else, not so much for the target.

Perhaps that is why I really enjoy your stories. They are always entertaining, creative and ... humorous! You don't need to make fun of people to be funny. You have your own style of writing that I enjoy reading. Keep up the good work and keep people smiling, Angel.

Have a grand weekend.

Chuck Bear said...

Too much humor is mean and insulting. And not very funny.

Mike said...

There's no way that cat sat there long enough for someone to paint that. Has to be from a photograph.

And when looking for Saturday Jokes, some of the jokes I reject are just downright nasty. So when you see one that you think might be a little risque, think about the rejects.

allenwoodhaven said...


Duckbutt said...

Yours is great, unhostile humor.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...
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Stephen T. McCarthy said...

To Be More Specific:

>>... "Also, we went through the nastiest election ever that we should be ashamed of!"

BULL ....

~ D-FensDogG

Feel free to contact me privately for Graduate Courses in 'What Be Happenin''. I'm old enough to be your grandpappy and there's one or two things you could learn from an old SOB like me.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Pop Tart, perhaps I otter stop bein' so cryptic. (Is that the reason nobody likes me? Or is it something I ate?)

I thought these last primary campaigns and the general election was the most fun political circus of all time. Or at least of "my time". I never had so much fun on the Internet before! It was The Best Show On Earth. And so far, it still is. It might remain that way until the nefarious "They" JFK Trump.

An "October Surprise"? Pish 'n' pshaw! There was a new "surprise" almost every day in October. Politics, for the first time ever, became (and has become) entertainment. And let's face it: If we sailors have to go down with the country, we might as well go down laughing.

So, that's what I really meant and attempted to capture in that single word "BULL ....".

:o) Have a nice day.

~ D-FensDogGy

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer said...

Lighten up.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

OK, I'll try, if you say so. But it won't be easy.

~ D-FensDogG

Bilbo said...

Satire now, satire tomorrow, satire forever!