Friday, January 6, 2017

Tee Boudreaux Goes on a Date

Tee Boudreaux, bless his heart, grew to be a teen and got them hormones stirring towards things that teen boys get interested in. For sure he found Little Tina to be interesting now. Maybe it was that she showed some changes in her chest; maybe it was her new 'do; Really hard to figger out. Maybe it was the scent she had bought at the mall in Lafayette.....Anyway, Tina suddenly became more than someone to play basketball with....but Tee Boudreaux hadn't gotten it down pat as yet.

So he asked his pal Thibodaux about these things. Tee Thib said, "You ain't doing that, are you? You will have to confess to Father Pierre in them old confessionals where we can hear what the sinners are bragging about.

No, Thib....I reckon I jest wanna ask Tina out. What can I do with her?

So Tee Thib told him.

"No, mon ami....I mean I want to take her out on a date."

"Okay, Boo. Take her to the show and make out with her there."

It was obvious that Tee Thib had only one thing on his mind.

But Tee Boo figured out some things. "Well, mon ami, I could take her to eat Chinese food. She would like that. 

"Yeah, but she would want more in an hour."

"Okay, take her to listen to Cajun music at the Roadhouse. And then some chocolate malts......And make out afterwards."

"Boo, just don't get her home late. Her old man has got a temper."

So Tee Boudreaux took her to the Roadhouse. Then they got some malteds. But Tina said she had a notion to go next to see the submarine races on Bayou Teche.

So they went. Boo took the blanket along for comfort, and they watched. And they somehow got distracted. For a long time.

In a way, things worked out. But....

The next day Tee Boo met Tee Thib, who asked him how it went. Boo told him.

"Well, I thought it went okay, but mebbe Tina was a little disappointed. The submarines weren't running last night. But, she's giving me and the submarines another chance next Saturday night! I wanna see them too!"


allenwoodhaven said...

An unexpected ending! Excellent.

Birgit said...

Ok, he is really innocent and needs for Tina to attack him:) well written

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

"Submarine" means "under Marine", which is what all Marines hope Tina will be.

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Mike said...

We had submarine races in St. Louis too!

Gorilla Bananas said...

I think I'd like to see them too. On second thoughts, maybe a verbal description will suffice.

Cloudia said...

Famous submarine races off Diamond Head look out too!

John Hill said...

Always nice to have a girl that enjoys going to the races -- especially the submarine races!

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

A great story!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

allenwoodhaven, I'm sorry the last part of my story was left out!

John, I've been to a few races.

Stephen, I hope not on the first date!

Thanks, you all, for your wise comments.

Duckbutt said...

Now that boy has a lot to learn!

Rudolph said...

I'm sure Tina will teach him well.

Not-so-tall Texan said...

I hope next time Tee Boudreaux gets lucky. Or should I say Tina gets lucky?

Bilbo said...

Submarine races. Hmm ...