Monday, June 1, 2015

Tchoupitoulas Street

One of the more curious names of New Orleans streets is Tchoupitoulas Street, located in the Central Business District. It was named after a Native American tribe, and it is hard to pronounce.

It was back in the horse and buggy days, and one of New Orleans' finest was walking his beat in the Business Section (the old American section) when he saw a dead horse curbside on Tchoupitoulas Street. Immediately he pulled out his notepad and tried to write that fact on it. Unfortunately, the task was hard because some kids stole the nearby street signs.

He started: 'C-H-A-P-A-T-W-O'....but sensed that it was wrong. 

So he tried again: 'C-H-O-P-I-T-O-O-L-I-T-Z.' But that didn't look right, either.

So, one more time: "C-H-A-P-I-T-O-O-L-E-T'S.' But that didn't look right also.

Finally, he just thought, "To hell with it." And dragged the dead horse up a block to Camp Street.

[Tchoupitoulas is pronounced roughly "Chop-a-too-lus."]

An old street sign:

A newer version:


TexWisGirl said...

haha. good joke!

John Hill said...

One of my favorite streets of NO, just because of the name.

Linda Kay said...

I'd be curious to go down the street just because of the name to see who lived there! Fun story.

Cherdo said...


That name looks like Incan or Aztec. There's got to be a backstory.

Duckbutt said...

A great story!

Mike said...

You could probably write a book on the variations of the spelling of the street name on UPS packages.

Cloudia said...

yes, but can you say Kalanianaole?

( '>

ALOHA from Honolulu,

Big Sky Heidi said...

That's a clever story!