Monday, June 22, 2015

What Is the Rudest City?

A few years ago, Travel + Leisure did a poll on what was the rudest city.  You can read the article, or simply use my summary.  Anyway, here's the Top Twenty:

1.  New York City
2.  Miami
3.  Washington, D. C.
4.  Los Angeles
5.  Boston
6.  Dallas/Fort Worth
7.  Atlanta
8.  Phoenix/Scottsdale
9.  Baltimore
10.  Orlando, FL
11.  Philadelphia
12.  Las Vegas
13.  Anchorage
14.  Chicago
15.  San Francisco
16.  Houston
17.  Seattle
18.  Providence, R.I.
19.  San Diego
20.  Salt Lake City

I found some of these to be surprising, to say the least.  

But the different cities showed different reactions to it.

1.  New Yorkers, predictably enough, donned NY Yankees caps and wore foam fingers asserting that they were Numbah One!

2.  Miamians shrugged and head over to South Beach to work on their butt tans.

3.  Washingtonians blamed their high ranking on the other political party.

4.  Angelinos swore bilingually at Travel + Leisure for disrespecting them with a rating no higher than fourth.

5.  Bostonians demanded a recount.

6.  Dallas citizens who noticed the results complained that it was a conspiracy, somehow.

7.  Atlanta blamed its top ten ranking on Georgia crackers.

8.  Phoenix residents found it hot enough; and didn't want to get hot and bothered.

9.  Baltimore responded that their rudeness was an endearing trait of Charm City.

10.  Orlando blamed it on Mouse fans of being pushy and driving poorly.

11.  Philadelphia pointed out that they did get rated less rude than the previous year.

12.  The Las Vegas city government attributed it to Californian weekenders.

13.  Anchorage wondered if there was some kind of cosmic upheaval, or was this a omen of an earthquake?

14.  Chicago demanded that next year's poll be under Chicago Rules.

15.  San Francisco blamed it on their people being tired that their city was called "Frisco" one too many times.

16.  Someone said, "Houston, we have a problem."

17.  Seattle residents got a venti espresso and studied techniques of rudeness to improve their score.

18.  Providence residents were surprised that someone noticed that they were a city.

19.  San Diego people chilled by going surfing.

20.  Salt Lake City coped poorly at making the list, as they were not supposed to drink coffee or alcohol there.

21.  Detroit was annoyed that they didn't make the list even though they had the Lions and the Tigers.  

22.  Saint Louis sang the blues because it was omitted.  

23,  New Orleans celebrated not making the list with a jazz band parade.

24.  Nashville noted its absence in a country song.

25.  The Mistake by the Lake (Cleveland) thought there was a mistake somewhere. 


TexWisGirl said...

so much for 'southern hospitality'.

John A Hill said...

Most polite cities next?

Dixie@dcrelief said...

I tend to agree!

Mike said...

St. Louis snuck in there at the end. I'm glad we didn't make the original list. I'm not blue with sadness. Nor green with envy. Nor red hot with anger. Nor sick to my stomach with puce.

Anemone said...

No surprises with the top five!

Cherdo said...

"The Mistake on the Lake's" problem was that it let its river catch on fire - and no one will let Cleveland live it down. I know I won't. (Actually, the last time I was in Cleveland, it looked 100% better than in years past.)

Gorilla Bananas said...

I would have guessed New York would be top, but how come Salt Lake City is on the list? Aren't those Mormons supposed to be well-mannered with toothpaste white smiles?

Cloudia said...

Angel, Ima let you talk in a minute, but I gotta say that Union City is the rudest! Now back to your speech....LOL


Bilbo said...

Twenty-five out of every twenty Republicans agree - the rudeness in Washington is absolutely President Obama's fault.