Monday, May 25, 2015

Boston Pills

Madame Hébert was totally beyond herself. She was proud of her new white board fence, thinking it would complement her well-manicured garden and lawn; but some sign painter painted an advertisement on it. He didn't pin a handbill; no, he wrote in 6 inch tall green letters, one to a board, the sign 'B O S T O N   P I L L S.' Some less genteel but more direct people would say that she was pissed!

What was worse is that Boston Pills were a locally sold brand of laxative. 

She was so put out that she told the Prophetess Madeline and Crazy Chester about it. As members of the community, they offered to help.

Crazy Chester went, "Well, I can get a gallon of flat white paint and cover those letters. No problem; can do it in a jif!"

But Madeline had a different idea: just re-arrange the 1 X 6 boards. And all agreed on this unorthodox plan. So she and Chester took turns with a claw hammer and pried off the boards with the letters on them. First the 'P'; they put that where the 'B' had gone. They removed the second 'O' and substituted a blank board for it, and so on.

The end product: The fence read 'P O S T   N O   B I L L S.'  The green letters no longer advertised a laxative.  And as a bonus, no handbills!


TexWisGirl said...

whatever works!

Dan said...

Hey there pop tart! I commented at the original post, but since it's a little old I thought I'd repeat it on a fresh one. Thanks for the link to the PAW site and for the kind words!


Mike said...

There is usually more than one solution to a problem.

Banana Oil said...

A very clever play on words.

Linda Kay said...

I love the twists and turns of your posts, my dear.By the way, my "Angel" married off her oldest daughter this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding. Pictures on my blog on Wednesday.