Friday, February 27, 2015

Class of '06 Alumnae News

Greetings, fellow sisters! And first a quick reminder of our tenth reunion brunch on October 27th at Brennan's! So get Hubby or Granny to sit with the kids, and turn out.

Time for some gossip: Melanie just had her fourth bambino! Hey, shouldn't Jack be relegated to a second bedroom, or what? Anyway, Baby Kristie is a real sweetie. She must be the apple of Dada's eye! 

A raven-haired member of our class is said to have made a preliminary announcement of coming out of the closet. When will she share it will all of us? It's very hard to remember who is in the know and who is yet to be told. 

Bitsy got her J.D. degree and didn't have to sleep around to get her first job. She only has to turn in eighty billable hours per week on it.

Maria seems to have gained some weight. Is this the result of her appetite for beignets, or is a possible new little stranger? And will there also be wedding bells? 

Guess whose brother Arnaud recently paroled, and will probably bunk on Big Sister's couch?

We're all glad for Marie that the Boob Fairy finally paid her a visit! Share with us, Marie, the gory details!

Megan is in her ninth semester at L.S.U., and has still not declared a college major. She spent four years on a protracted rest at home after a grueling leave of absence.

Emma dressed daringly for the Krewe of Porcellino ball this February. Unable to find a bra in your size, Hon?

Amaryllis is still teaching at that Charter School in Darkest, Alabama. Isn't it time to return to civilization, or are you waiting until the coast is clear?

Millie and Dave just returned from a honeymoon in Alaska. When will there be further good news?

Karen has developed into a highly successful entrepreneur of recreational herbs in Colorado. Don't bogart that mellow weed, Karen.

Bernadette has recently become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Show us the moves, Bernie!

Tillie tried teaching Tom to tango; but it was too tough.

Which one of our class is also the mistress of that up-and-coming politician from Shreveport?

Ask Melanie was real desperation really is.

Sophie is still at large after winning America's Greatest Loser.

Speaking of losing, congratulations to Fifi for losing 170 unsightly pounds. Her divorce from Buster finally came through!

Remember: Our Class Reunion will be in October. Hopefully, this early reminder will give each of us time for our Jenny Craig programs!


Bilbo said...

"Tillie tried teaching Tom to tango, but it was too tough." What a ... tease ... you are.

Duckbutt said...

High school annuals can be subtly bitchy; some people are able to do that under the radar of the faculty advisors. I imagine that some alumni reports can get subtle digs in too.

Linda Kay said...

I remember one of my high school friends who came to the 10th reunion. She was the daughter of a very conservative minister, wore braids and no makeup. She came into the restaurant where we were meeting in a very modern dress, ordered an alcoholic drink, and sat down and lit up a cigarette!
We were all in shock!

John Hill said...

Geez, that makes me feel old!

Mike said...

Jack should get snipped.

Cloudia said...

the years FLY! [they really DO, Angel]

ALOHA from Honolulu

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Have a great time at your reunion, Angel!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

I reckon, there's a place somewhere. where all of this is true. A parallel universal or some such. I bet cha'.