Monday, February 24, 2014

Country Girl

For some not-too-clear reason there's a cable television fad for backwoods types, whether it be in the "reality" programs, dramas, or other productions.  This seems similar to the New Jersey fad of a few years ago, quite easily explainable as due to the success of Jersey Shore.

Probably it's in part due to Duck Dynasty or Justified; but other programs contributed to the fad, like Redneck Scientists.  Anyway, these programs provide very tangible examples of people like them for the cable fans, much like Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy contributed to humor.  Like the blatantly Jersey types, these country types make it easy for flatland city-dwellers to feel superior.

However, these televised rustics sometimes say things that Hollywood- or New York-based programmers would rather they didn't, and that can be a problem.  Part of it is that the person being feted does not know the rules, and there's the second part of him not necessarily giving a . . . . well, you know.  I won't say it, but he would! 

How to capitalize on this fad for hillbillies or rednecks or peckerwoods or crackers without going on the P.C. shoals, like many seem to manage?  Well, re-tool the idea somewhat.  Feature an outspoken country girl, especially one that is young, cute, and has a charming accent.  This is a far cry from large, ungainly wild-eyed males with scruffy beards dressed in costumes not found on the streets of Santa Monica!

You don't have to overtly sexualize her.  Just allow her to act naturally, and speak her mind.  Somehow, it will come out as charming, natural, and authentic.

I think that might be it.  She could manage to say certain things, but simultaneously appear to be nonthreatening in the process.  Part of it is that she would not unconsciously trigger certain atavistic images of dangerous rustics that is also in the American consciousness.  (To cite one, the horrific scene in the old timey movie based on James Dickey's Deliverance.)  I'll bet lots of people decided that canoeing in the hills might not be the safest thing to do.

Or maybe a swamp girl might lessen the irrational fear that people have of swamps.  In fact, I think that most Louisiana swamps are overwhelmingly more safe than being in an urban or even suburban area!


The Bastard King of England said...

Dress her in Daisy Dukes and a halter and she would be easy on the eyes.

John Hill said...

Angel, are you positioning yourself to audition for such a part?

TexWisGirl said...

reading your suggestion, all i could think of was jessica simpson's reality show back in the day.

Meredith said...

Duck Dynasty iseems very boring; but there are different tastes that people have.

Bilbo said...

We could just bring back Ellie May Clampett from the old "Beverly Hillbillies" show. Forget "Jersey Shore," "Duck Dynasty," and all those other shows ... the Clampett family set the bar too high for all of them.

Mike said...

Duck Dynasty, urban yuppies gone under cover.

Chuck Bear said...

They could take a different approach: city folks who moved to the country, like with Green Acres!

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Redneck Scientists showcased clever, innovative problem solving.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

John Hill, I'm strictly a city girl at heart.

TexWisGirl -- She was definitely a prototype.

King -- Not a bad suggestion for "reality TV"

Bilbo -- She was definitely a high bar setter.