Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Provocative T-Shirt

There are a few t-shirts that probably should not be worn, even in a sense of irony.   Anyway, irony is often overlooked by many observers.
I'm familiar with the term 'Alpha Bitch,' presumably the feminine form of 'Alpha Dog,' the dominant dog in the pack.  For the more conventional, 'alpha male' and 'alpha female' apply appropriately to the species Homo sapiens with no aspersions.  When worn on a shirt, they seem totally presumptuous.
But, getting back to the Alpha Bitch t-shirt, it comes in several designs and colors.  This one comes in eight different colors: red, blue, black, gray, etc.  It sells for $24.95; it is hard to imagine someone wearing one, yet I've seen more than one in real life.  What are people thinking?
Shirts like this make a good case for at least minimal dress codes. 
I cannot imagine someone wearing one on an occasion for possibly meeting guys.  Maybe the message has the same effect as 'I've got herpes!"  And, it's true: some women (and girls) are bitches (like the four in Mean Girls); but the smart strategy for mean girls is to disguise it.
And how is the message going to be received?  Some guys may take it as a challenge; and some gals, too.  The wearer may inspire thoughts of the type, "No you're not; I'M THE ALPHA BITCH!"  Will that result in what some guys want to see: a cat fight?  [I'm not sure why guys like this; it's not like the fighters' skill is very much.....]
And wearing a message shirt means that anyone period can read it.  Can you imagine someone's granny's reaction on seeing her granddaughter in one?
As a matter of fact, the only setting I can imagine wearing one of these t-shirts is in a wet t-shirt contest.


MarkD60 said...

I've never seen anyone wearing a shirt like that. Is it popular?
I've only seen white T Shirts in wet t shirt contests.

Hell Hound said...

You are right: some might take it as a challenge.

TexWisGirl said...

saw a guy in the grocery store yesterday wearing a t-shirt that said 'does this shirt make my tits look big?' i just kind of had to look away.

Mike said...

That shirt looks like it would be a little dressed up for 'The People of Walmart'.

Big Sky Heidi said...

TexWisGirl, it's really easy to recognize douchebags and creeps. They dress like in a uniform.

That is a bad news t-shirt! Unless you're a canine.

bakku-shan said...

Dog ladies might go in for them. Those with the teory that the dog trainer should establish dominance over the dog.

Bilbo said...

There are some very impolite and nasty t-shirts out there. I prefer the ones that are funnier, like my "Gobi Desert Canoe Club" shirt, and the "Manure Movers of America" sweatshirt my daughter bought me as a reward for mucking out her horse's stall when she couldn't do it.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Mark -- You will not believe what people wear in resorts.

TexWisGirl -- That was a revolting shirt.

Heidi -- There must be a dress code for creeps.

HellHound -- It's dubious to aspire to be an alpha bitch.

Mike -- Wal-Mart can have a rough crowd at times.

Bakkushan -- That's closely identifying with the animal being trained.

Bilbo, I don't like the nasty ones either.