Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Need an Official State Sin!

All states have state birds, state flowers, and state songs, though Tennessee goes overboard with he latter category. Then there are states that have Official State Something Elses: Official State Nut (Connecticut), Official State Necktie (New Mexico), and even Official State Reptile (several states).

We need something else to proclaim our essential Tarheelness and ring rendolent to the name North Carolina. How about an Official State Sin? Now let's look at the seven deadlies. They're all fun in their way, except for Envy. I have specialized at different times in Lust, Anger, Gluttony (soul food dept.), with occasional forays into Pride. And I have good things to say about them all. Especially if you combine two or three.

But there is one that we're especially good at here. That dillweed William Byrd wrote it well:

"Surely there is no place in the World where the Inhabitants live with less Labour than in N Carolina. It approaches nearer to the Description of Lubberland than any other, by the great felicity of the Climate, the easiness of raising Provisions, and the Slothfulness of the People."

Therefore, it behoves us to write our representatives to co-sponsor a bill in the legislature declaring Sloth to be the Official State Sin of North Carolina.

And, to emphasize the point, declare Sloth Appreciation Day to be an official state holiday. Lastly, North Carolina should declare itself an Official Sloth Sanctuary.

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