Friday, October 6, 2017

Why Do Witches Ride Brooms?

It's a common Halloween image, a witch riding on a broom.

But where did this notion come from?

Well, apparently there were a few individuals back in the Medieval times and later who practiced witchery; and sometimes this included the use of Witches' Brews.

Now among the ingredients used in these Witches' Brews included some psychoactive substances such as belladonna, henbane, mandrake, and nightshade, and others. These substances are rich in powerful alkaloids such as atropine. These were often used in their 'flying ointments,' so-called because they gave users a sense of flying.

These Witches' Brews were also highly toxic if ingested. However, they can also be absorbed into the skin in locations such as underarms, the rectum, or the vagina. The mode of application was to have the substances in an ointment that was in turn applied to the handle of a pitchfork or broom. 

Atropine can be poisonous in stronger doses. However, this method of application avoids some of the negative symptoms that oral intake would provide.

In short, by being astride a broomstick, and a little judicious friction, the witches could really get airborne in their witches' sabbats!


John A Hill said...

A little chemistry and a medieval dildo is the source of our idea that witches ride brooms?
Very interesting, Angel.

Jono said...

The wrong answer to the original question came to me immediately. That answer was. "I'll ask my wife."

Mike said...

I'll be thinking about judicious friction the rest of the day.

Cloudia said...

Very interesting, Angel!

Grand Crapaud said...

So witches don't wear panties?7?7

Duckbutt said...

I guess there were some very happy witches.

Bilbo said...

I got into trouble at the office one day when one of my female co-workers asked for a ride to the garage to pick up her car that had been serviced and I asked, "What's wrong - is your broom in the shop, too?" It didn't end well.

Kristen Drittsekkdatter said...

Stick horses as masturbation devices are discovered early.

Unknown said...

That answer was. "I'll ask my wife."