Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What Guys Think About Women's Swimwear

I won't pretend otherwise: young women's choices in swimwear are partly determined by how attractive or even how sexy they look in them. But what kinds of swimsuits do men really like?

As is my wont, I did research. I found an article in Marie Claire which reported on what 100 randomly selected men felt about different styles of women's swimsuits. Here's some findings regarding specific examples of swimwear:

String bikini: 74% of the guys like them; 26% feel they are too revealing or they make observers feel uncomfortable. Maybe it's the string. Are they more comfortable when they're double knot-tied? Maybe seeing the top tied with a single bow can be anxiety-invoking for some fellows! One told me so directly!

Standard bikini: 93% like them; and only 7% find them too revealing. This one seems to get the highest approval ratings and is a safe bet, in most cases. And this type of suit seems to be compatible with moderate exercise.

Bandeau top bikini: 89% of guys like them; 11% don't. This is also a safe bet.

Monokini: only 22% of guys like them. These are seen as kind of weird. 

Standard one piece: 61% of guys like them; but they don't like retro styles so much. Ditch the 1940's look.

High fashion bikinis just did not thrill guys at all. Plus I wonder about the bizarre tan lines that go with some.

Unfortunately, the Marie Claire article did not go into details about their sample of 100 guys: their ages, marital or parental status, or other dimensions that could bring a bearing on their responses. As a researcher, I like those little details.

With this in mind, I thought it would be sweet to ask my fiancé his opinion regarding the type of swimsuit he would prefer me to wear shortly after we we got engaged,  I figured that if we were to be a couple, then he definitely deserved to have input into what I wear.

A nice hybrid bikini style

A safe swimsuit style that can be worn for heavy exercise.


Bilbo said...

I believe in the old adage that the best women's swimwear is like a picket fence: it protects the property, but doesn't obstruct the view.

MarkD60 said...

With swimwear, generally speaking, less is better. I agree with Bilbo.

I asked 100 women which shampoo they preferred. Top answer: How the hell did you get in my bathroom?

Anonymous said...

What sort of swimsuit does he let you wear, Angelique?

Cloudia said...

Jean cutoffs!

Mike said...

I looked up Monokini and some of them are very interesting. I'll pick one out for you.

John A Hill said...

I think women should wear what they are comfortable with wearing.
However, that comfort also includes being comfortable with the looks they may get from both men and women. (I think women judge other women more harshly than guys do.)
Personally, I think traditional bikinis are generally a good choice. There are also some very attractive one piece suits. I'm glad there aren't so many options for guys when it comes to swimsuit styles.

Jessica said...

Some guys can be very possessive. Does he make you wear a burkini?

Birgit said...

I have seen some women who should never be in a bikini...ever! They are usually too fat or so thin and bony that it is icky to look at. My bikini days are over and I never owned a true bikini. I had a 2 piece but I felt I never had the bod for a bikini since my BIF (bum In Front) was always there even when I was thin. Now, I actually like a onepiece with a little skirt...If I wore a bikini now, the men would run...away

Banana Oil said...

I had to work up nerve to sport a string bikiini. Had to lose pounts and inhibitions.. And I learned to double tie!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thanks for your thoughts, my friends!

Jessica, I still wear, among others, a string bikini. Dee Doh ties my top.

Brandi said...

I sport a standard bikini. Hey, it's okay in the South.

Unknown said...

I'm glad there aren't so many options for guys when it comes to swimsuit styles.


Cassandra said...

I think that it is so pathetic that, after 40 years of feminism, a woman would ask her fiance to approve what she wears. He's not your father; and you're not a pre-teen.