Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Learning to Act Your Age: Practical Courses for Continuing Education

Most average or larger colleges and universities have a Continuing Education department, offering short, practical courses to help professionals re-certify or to learn new skills.  Additionally, they offer hobby-related and coping with life courses, such as Basic Yoga and How to Effectively Parent.

It's become increasingly apparent, however, that many people have trouble making the necessary transitions from one stage to another.  These constitute a core market for this category of practical course.

Northern Ohio Community College is currently offering the following to met the apparent needs of their customer base:

1. Selecting a Proper Sugar Daddy

2. Releasing the Old Fart in You

3.  Elementary Battle Axe Studies

4.  Intermediate Battle Axe Studies

5.  Creative Use of the Television Remote

6.  Wheedling Your Parents to Let You Live in Their Basement

7.  Nagging for Beginners

8.  Elementary Stripping for Your Boyfriend

9.  Choosing the Starter Husband

10.  Bad Food and Sexual Deprivation:  Deaccessing the Starter Husband

11.  Choosing the Starter Wife

12.  Money Laundering for Dummies

13.  Embracing the Angst of Being Thirtysomething

14.  Feeling Up the Angst of Being Thirtysomething

15.  Dealing With the Disappointment of Not Having a Midlife Crisis

16.  Coping With an Uninteresting Midlife Crisis

17.  Basic Parental Nagging Skill Techniques

18.  Successful Cougar Strategies

19.  Selection of Bowling Costumes

20.  Basic Procrastination

21.  Advanced Procrastination

22.  Increasing Self-Indulgence for Twentysomethings

23.  Dealing with Generation X Persons: Not Just Your Older Siblings

24.  Yogi for beginners: Zen and the Art of Baseball Catching

25.  Advanced Journalism Snobbery

26.  Elementary Composting

Actually, new courses are being developed all the time.  But this list will help establish the flavor.  Take advantage of the offerings at YOUR Community College!


Bilbo said...

I can teach #2. And I could also teach #'s 20 and 21 if I get around to it. Let me know if the positions are open. Great post!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Bilbo, thank you! Community college salaries are not very high for continuing education, I fear......

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Feeling Up the Angst of Being Thirtysomething sounds like dirty, all-American fun!

Deena said...

Choosing the starter husband? Can you imagine the controversy that would generate?