Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gordon Ross, aka Ubergato

Gordon Ross, also known as Martin Wade, as the founder and moderator of Odd People, first a MSN group, and later on Yuku.  He was kind, strong, friendly, and encouraging to me and others.  He was a great person and a father figure in the best sense.   Today he would have been 65.

Gordon was a native of Baton Rouge.  He had served in the Army during the Viet Nam war.  Married but divorced.  He ran a housecleaning service in Jackson, MS.

I knew him strictly online; yet we regarded each others as good friends despite our age differences and other things.  He was a man of infinite kindness and patience.  He transcended his ill health in his later years by always seeing the brighter side of things.  If there is a Heaven, surely he rates a celestial crown and a harp!  (Although I suspect he would rather a trombone.)

I miss you, good friend.  You were one of the best!

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Big Sky Heidi said...

He was a really great guy -- so sad he died. He loved those Kliban cats (the Ubergato thing); it was pretty cool you use one.