Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weinergate and Etiquette

The recent Congressional scandal which, I'm sure, will be summarized as Weinergate has been explored ad nauseam by our mational media; especially because politics is part of the story. Yes, that's a full-fledged criterion for becoming infamous.

However, one aspect that has not yet been explored is whether this raises some collateral etiquette issues.

For example, suppose a political gentleman were to send you a picture of his short-wearing crotch region, what should be your response? Patience Prudebottom, the Madam of Manners to The Chronicle, gives her advice:

Dear Patience:

My Congressperson sent me a picture via Twitter of his crotch region. He was wearing nice shorts, and there was an obvious suggestion of his marital equipment in the photograph. What is the polite response to such a gift?

Dear Gentle Reader:

I can understand your dilemma. This is not something that was covered in previous works of etiquette. However, the donee in any gift-presenting situation should be properly charming and grateful. The nature of the gift is problematic; however, a polite person should react to it in a way that leaves the donor feeling good about himself, considering that the ultimate end of etiquette is to be kind to another.
In my opinion, at a bare minimum, the receiver of the picture should pen a "thank you" note. Possibly a "thank you" twitter to Congressman Sausage might suffice; but proper Bostonians still deem a hand-written note written in either blue or black ink on good stationary to be the most correct response. A sensitive person should express her pleasure, comment that he looked so manly, and that she would treasure it forever. A discreet writer would make only a general allusion in order to appear ladylike.

Although the medium of communication might be unorthodox, it still pays to follow the normative rules of politeness.  After all, he might be from another land, and is following a prescribed rite of courtship among his people.

You might further express your appreciation by baking him some cookies.  Who knows?  He may give you a ride in the Weinermobile someday.

Madam Patience


Anonymous said...

Are you nuts? Don't encourage guys like that!!!!!!!!!!

bakku-shan said...

It's a rite of courtship sometimes encountered on the subway in NYC.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Anonymous, I was being ironic.

Deena said...

Our long national penis joke is over.