Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boy Friends, As Opposed to Boyfriends, and Sex

I really believe that a "friends with benefits" relationship will not work out well.  It will often result in one or the other falling in love, and being frustrated by the lack of reciprocal response from the other.  And, if one connects with another person, there's the problem of juggling the "friends plus" relationship with the new one.  How can you explain to your boyfriend your spending the night with your boy friend?  Most boyfriends tend to be a little uneasy even with Platonic relationships.

Anyway, I have a guy friend in which our relationship is mostly Platonic (only up to second base on a few occasions).  He is a big part of my life: friend, best buddy, mutual confidant; someone I can call if my life is frustrating at times.  Someone I can do things with, when we're in the same city.  Frankly, I feel he's a soulmate.

I remember one time I complained that I was bitchy because I was hurting due to having 'gotten a waxing' to get some hair removed.  My guy friend offered to rub some cream on the sore area.  I looked up strangely; just then it dawned upon him where that area possibly was, and he blushed like I never saw him do before!

I kissed him softly, thanked him, and let him off the hook.  Actually, I know that, if required, he would apply aloe cream on my sore bottom and behave himself!  A girl friend does not put her boy friend in that kind of place and not be considered a tease!

On another occasion, I was interested in what was in a sex shop.  Not feeling up to going in by myself although I was twentyish, I got my bud to take me and act as my moral support and stand-in lover.  Anyway, I inspected many odd and wonderous things, and was amazed, ultimately, that it was a lot like going to Auto Zone!  Well, an Auto Zone that sells eight-inch dildoes.  My guy friend enjoyed it, too.  Especially when I tried on a teddy.

When we got sick, we cooked for each other and did the laundry.  He commented, based on the complicated directions: my clothes were high-maintenance.

Speaking of clothes:  Once I knitted a bikini top, and went swimming in it despite it not being stable.  The inevitable happened: it came off.  Dee-Doh immediately covered me up with a towel, and searched for several minutes before he was able to find it.  He was a hero to me that day!

A last story.  One time we skinny-dipped together (it was private.)  We really were skirting on the edge.  As a matter of fact, my pal became obviously excited (I hope I'm not graphic) , and we mutually had an awkward moment for a little bit.  Later, he apologized even though he really, really, really didn't do anything wrong.  I indicated that I took it as a compliment and found it cute.  Still, we didn't skinny-dip again.


Anonymous said...

Your friend sounds like a wonderful guy, a real gentleman to retreive your top. It's my experience hat self-made bikini tops are very risky to wear, especially if water or diving or strenuous swimming is involved!

Big Sky Heidi said...

Your guy souns like a winner. You ought to make him a lover, as long as he's passable in appearance. It sounds like his equiopment is adequate. Get a rise out of him again!!!!!!!

Seduce him, or at least tempt him strogly. Time to lose that top!

Anonymous said...

Hon, if you never wear a bikini, you NEVER will lose its top!

Nothing Sacred, as Usual said...

8-inch dildoes!

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about your morals. Or lack of them.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thank you, Anonymous1 and Big Sky Heidi. We're happy with our relationship as it is.

Nothing Scared: Well they don't sell 4-inch dildoes.

Anonymous2: So I learned. And not just about swimwear.

Anonymous3: Judge not; lest you be judged.

Deena said...

You got somebody bothered by ths one!

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

You know, the two of you can continue to be friends; but maybe provide for each other some, shall we say, minor benefits. After all, a friend should desire to comfort another.

Just sayin'.

bakku-shan said...

Give him a hand, girlie!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Anonymous said...

No one would have thought you blameworthy if you had simply given him an impromptu hand job or dry hump.