Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Prophetess Gets Arrested

So the Prophetess was hauled into the Eighth District Police Station on Royal Street in New Orleans by two of New Orleans's finest. This is the dialogue taking place with her, the booking sergeant, and the arresting officers.

Booking Sergeant: "So, Mlle. Prophetess. You're back again. What is it this time? You're not preaching to the streetcar passengers, are you? No more music without the license? Not doing any more underaged drinking?"

The Prophetess: "I'm innocent. I haven't done anything wrong. I've been a good girl."

Arresting Officer: "We brought her in for public indecency. Just look at her attire. It's indecent, even for New Orleans."

Booking Sergeant: "How so? She seems to be modestly if strangely dressed." [The Prophetess was wearing peach-colored jeans, a turquoise tube top, a jacket with a rainbow and the slogan "Panama City, Florida" on it, bitch shoes, and a tan baseball cap with a helium-filled bright pink balloon attached to it.]

Booking Sergeant: "Ow! Your taste in colors is bad today. Why, pray tell? You usually dress, uh, more appealingly, I must say. Remember, this is the French Quarter, and us locals must set a good sartorial example."

The Prophetess: "Oh, it's wash day. And this was all that was clean. Plus I am going to a party in the Central Business District this afternoon."

Booking Sergeant: Well, guys, she doesn't seem to be violating the Public Indecency law even though she is clearly offensive. I'll tell you what: Let's put her down for Impersonating a Tourist.


Banana Oil said...

A great story, with a fine punch line!

Big Sky Heidi said...

Nice short humor piece!