Friday, October 8, 2010

Why It Would Be Neat To Be an Anime Girl

In general, it's great to be who we are. Well, mostly . . . . but we all have those days, don't we? I'll admit I have those, and then that's when I go into my fantasy mode and see myself as a anime or manga girl, like Lum, Sailor Moon, Beruche, Utena the Revolutionary Girl, the Goddess Belldandy, or Love Hina, to name a few.

Anime and manga are Japanese cartoon art forms: anime is animated; manga are cartoons in book form. There are different types; and they're intended for either children or adults. Anyway, here's some reasons why it might be a good idea to be an anime girl:

1. Anime and manga girls often have special powers that can be used in some situations, like being to fly, give zaks (shocks), do time travel, read peoples' minds, empathize with others, change the forms of substances, or grant wishes . Consider the ability to administer zaks (shocks) to people. That could serve as an effective customer persuasion tool when someone complains that the raspberry mocha latte is either not hot enough or too strong.

2. Also, you get to wear neat costumes. Fancy a tiger skin bikini? How about a rose-colored jump suit? Or a sailor suit? Or, even better, a blue metallic swim suit with matching boots? Or a goddess costume? Hey, in anime you get to wear cool threads. And:

3. Nobody acts very surprised that you're dressed in such a manner, however socially or thermally it may be inappropriate. Maybe it's because:

4. You look stunning, as you have a knockout figure, even without being hentai.  And no worries about diets, trips to the gym, padding, or other indignities.

5. Anime girls never get zits.  The words "Sailor Moon" and "zits" don't fit comfortably in the same sentence!

6. Anime girls don't retain water, either.

7. You never have a bad hair day.  Sure, your hair might be dark green or rose-colored, but it's always long and bouncy and cute and neatly in place.  Snarling does not happen in the world of anime.  Just as well, with female characters possessing supernatural powers.

8. You surely encounter a better grade of sushi.  I think.  Some of it that I've encountered can be pretty rough.

9. You get to drive neat vehicles: space craft, souped-up cars, motorbikes.  And they don't drip oil, like my car.  Also, you never get parking tickets or have to park far away from where you want to go.

10. The guys you meet are cool.  Well, mostly.  Maybe you should consider a James Bond movie for that type of fantasy.  Some of the anime guys can be kind of clueless (in a cute way, of course).

11. You have great personality traits: loyalty, sweetness, serenity, capacity to empathize.  These get you over most of the bumps in life.  And, for those that you can't, you can use your powers and give the opposition some moments to reconsider the error of their ways.

12. You can wax philosophical.  And people will listen to you.  Nobody gives grief to a chick that can literally shock you.


Duckbutt said...

You didn't mention salaries or benefits that go with the job, other than the sushi.

Big Sky Heidi said...

A little polite hentai is fun, though.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

What is polite hentai?