Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Fairies as Trainees

Sakura, Shinobu, and Mizuki had been laid off for economic reasons, but were able to get trainee positions as fairies so they would be ready when jobs opened up. 

Although many fairies were rendered unemployed lately, the government, in its wisdom, launched a new program to train new fairies to deal with the anticipated shortage in the sweet bye-end-bye.  Sakura, Shinobu, and Mizuki were chosen.

They underwent a two-week orientation program, in which they viewed movies and heard lectures describing the program and their place in it.  They were both issued 500-page manuals, and were told that they would be tested on it at the end of the course. 

They were taught the Fairies Song, and gave rah-rah cheers.  No rah-rah skirts though: they were thought not suitable for government service. 

They were issued training bras according to governmental regulations.

And informed that the working day begins at 7:00 and ends at 4:00.  No more than a half-hour for lunch; and two short coffee breaks of a half-hour each.  No deviation from government regs permitted.

Finally, they were given their job titles: they were Toilet Paper Fairies Third Class.  Specifically, they were to organize mischief regarding toilet paper; including:

a.  Stealing toilet paper from restrooms;
b.  Re-positioning the toilet paper so that it goes under the top;
c.  "Rolling" houses and trees with T-P.

Our trainees performed their duties with distinction.  Governmental work triumphs.

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