Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nobody Knows You're a Dog on the Internet

That bit of internet truism seems to be something of the distant past; which in internet terms is more than ten years ago.  There's several reasons for this.  First is that the hypothesized anonymity of the internet could be easily compromised at least by ISP numbers,  However, the primary reason why that became pass√© is because of the social media sites.  Frankly, Facebook and MySpace and personal blogs encourage the latent exhibitionist in us.  In other words, we must celebrate ourselves, like Walt Whitman!

Years ago (early 2000) I joined a MSN group called Losers.  Apparently it was started by some MSN staffers and local Seattleites (or however people of that place are called) as an irreverent humor group that eventually totalled 5000 members of different ages and dispositions.  I sensed that I was a bit young for the group; but didn't reveal my age at the time.  (To suggest my age, I had only then gone into high school.)  Anyway, I sort of got accepted and learned a lot about what make twentyish people tick.  I remember GreatUnc as a great guy; I hope he prospers!  And April as a great gal.  Her too!    However, I really still don't see the inherent coolness in Green Day or Dave Matthews Band or Rage Against the Machine; but I faked it okay.

I did post, like many members, the standard swimsuit pic and even my graduation picture.  Plus I learned how to post that sappy Vitamin C song "Graduation Day (Friends Forever.)"  Damn it, it still makes me tear!

Amazingly, I was made an assistant manager of Odd People a bit later.  I kind of shifted over there, as it was more congenial and less contentious.  Mr. Wade (aka Ubergato) was kind enough to trust a New Orleans Yat high schooler to assistant manage his group though I was not reknown for my responsibility as a member.  I thank him for that; he has a good heart and is a good role model.

Anyway, when MSN shut down the groups last year, I was quite sad to see them go.  Odd People migrated to Yuku; but Losers faded away.  In some ways, it was carrying the seeds of its own destruction. 

The groups of yore were a far cry from the slums that were the chatrooms of AOL Hell!  With the creepy questions such as:
   "What is your bra size?"
   "What are you wearing?"  [Subtle!]
   "Do you want to sext"?  [NOT SUBTLE!]

In some respects, the only savings grace of the chatrooms were the names of some of them.
And the likelihood of finding kindred spirits was slight.  I was lucky.  I found a group of age-varied smartasses [Losers], and a group of nice people who enjoyed humor [Odd People].

I try to be funny.  Some people might thing it to be un-ladylike.

To which I say:

"Kiss my posterior!"


Hell Hound said...

Hell, pop-tart, We're both old-time Losers. Glad to see you're still posting and making trouble.

bakku-shan said...

I remember those old AOL chatrooms also. THey were limited t0 32 participants.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thanks Hell Dog; glad you are a viewer of my haphazard blog.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Do you miss AOL sometimes, bakku-shan?