Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to My Blog

Thank you for visiting. Because this is a new experience to me, I must confess a certain degree of diffidence: sort of like performing a genteel striptease before an audience of whom I am uncertain as to their response. I beg your patience. I wish to explore the dimensions of humor from a feminine perspective, and to make very irreverent observations regarding cultural dimensions that I'm familiar with. A little bio to flesh things out:

My name is Angélique. You're probably snickering, no? I'm a native of New Orleans, LA, an Acadienne (Cajun), and a product of a Catholic education. And strongly impacted by my New Orleans enculturation.

I'm in my 20's, tall, and can still run the mile in about 5:30. In case you are wondering, they are exquisite minatures, and my belly button is an innie. Politically, I'm independent, with libertarian leanings. I like modern art; but I'm not sure why. Dancing is fun; but don't look on my motions as the epitome of grace. I enjoy pole dancing and crocheting as hobbies, and read a lot. Among my interests are experimental psychology, philosophy, and language. I have a volatile temper naturally: any residual sweetness is courtesy of Lorazepam. I use only one form of drug: caffeine. Oh, I like beer and wine; does that count also? I still have some traces of my accent.

I am single, like the outdoors, and go tent camping on the A.T. Each year I manage to go to the Mardi Gras. It's my religion. La famille is very important to me; in addition to my parents, I have two older brothers and two older sisters.

The anime character I use as my avatar is Princess Lum. She's a space alien magical girl that I think has a number of traits in common with me. However, I don't guarantee that you can control me simply by grabbing my horns!

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