Friday, April 23, 2010


I wonder if there's a relationship between how old you are and how much authority you can bring to bear. Some have it, and others don't Gravitas is what I don't have. Darn. I don't carry any weight. Nobody takes me seriously. Frankly, I'm a soufflé! Maybe it's age-related. Seriously, how old does a person have to be before people automatically take you seriously? Is it 30? Or 40? Are blondes less likely to be taken seriously? When was the last time you heard a brunette joke? Does dress confer a quality of being taken seriously? Maybe so. My Dad looks so much more with it, in charge when he puts on his officer's uniform for drills. Maybe men just look cool in uniform. Well, I will admit, being dressed in a halter and torn jeans doesn't help. [I don't do that now at school.] And no one looks capable when they wear a sombrero! Gravitas comes from the Latin, and it refers a quality of substance or depth of personality. The ancient Romans expected men to possess gravitas in the form of being serious, dignified, and duty-oriented. The others were justitia (justice), dignitas (dignity), and pietas (piety). Although they lived in a sexist society, a Roman matron could possess gravitas and really be taken seriously. Vestal Virgins were expected to have this gravitas in spades. Hey, that's what I can do. Is there any need for Vestal Virgins in North Carolina? And is there any possibility of obtaining retro status? Are they still serious about that 'bury 'em alive for misbehavior' thing? And, lastly, what is the salary and fringe benefits and is it a recession-proof job?

There's no way I can get this gravitas at Wal-Mart, is there?

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