Monday, July 2, 2018

A Custom on the Redneck Riviera

The expression "Redneck Riviera" has been around as long as people can remember. This is what it's about: It's a two-state strip of coast from Mobile County (AL) to St. Marks (FL). It's favored with pristine sandy beaches, a laid-back attitude among the locals, and good times for visitors. This is where the Real South goes for R and R and misbehavior.

Well, it's only a day's drive from Tennessee or Northern Alabama or Georgia. The water is a little coolish at Spring Break time, but it's still good for sunning and hanging around.

This was the attraction that drew Billy Bob and Bubba with their lady friends Tammy and Cynthia to the Coast for a good time under the sun. Yep; to that coastal den of iniquity: Gulf Shores.

Now, after having checked in (one couple asked for twin beds), they changed into swimwear and headed for the beach. And that Mecca of Music and Good Times: the Flora-Bama Lounge!

They soon got in the spirit of the place!

In that setting, it is de rigeur to try the Bushwacker! And another! And . . . . shall we say that it was a good thing that nobody had to drive far! 

Now one local custom is for ladies, if they feel like it, to add a contribution to the decor of the place by hanging their bra over a rope stretched across the room. Yes, this involves a partial disrobing; but that's part of the routine. (It pays to plan ahead for this eventuality, and wear one that is near the end of its effective use anyway.)

Well, our ladies got the idea, "Why not?"

Tammy the Redheaded Schoolteacher simply pulled her t-shirt off, removed hers, and basked in the glory of being noticed by all.  Her class never paid that kind of close attention, you bet!

But Cynthia got some second thoughts. She lifted her tee, barely showed her belly button (an innie), and stopped. She looked imploringly at Bubba. 

Bubba, ever the Southern gentleman, pulled off his shirt and somewhat covered Cynthia. Cynthia, emboldened, completed the process and restored her t-shirt.

Later on, Cynthia decided that Bubba was all right; and thought that perhaps she and Bubba could rethink the notion of twin beds.

Whatever happens in Gulf Shores stays in Gulf Shores. That's the way it should be.

Even Cynthia's bra.

The Flora-Bama's Decor


John Hill said...

Sounds like an interesting place. Maybe I'll have to plan a motorcycle ride that way!

MarkD60 said...

Sounds like a fun zone! There's a place here that has panties all over the ceiling!

Mike said...

That place sort of looks like my bathroom on laundry day.

Cloudia said...

Sounds like a cool place to relax, Angel!

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

The Flora-Bama is really something to see.

Banana Oil said...

West Florida is a very relaxed place to be. I imagine southern Alabama is like it too.

allenwoodhaven said...

Fun story. That Bubba is an okay guy...

Phyllis said...

A tasteless custom if I every heard of one.

Bilbo said...

Have you contributed to the decor, Angel?

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I have.

Thanks for your comments, my friends!

Big Sky Heidi said...

Been there . Done that!

It's a long drive through Alabama though.