Friday, January 12, 2018

How Many Dates Before Sex Is Acceptable?


A Global Dating Survey of 11,000 participants conducted by Time Out in 24 cities asked the intriguing question: How many dates should have occurred before it's reasonable for a couple to couple? That is, to engage in sexual relations?

The bare results indicated that, on the average, people who responded said it was 3.55 dates. Or, as the Time Out 2015 article put it: "mid-fourth date. After the main has been cleared and the crème brûlée arrives."

My thought to this is, "On which planet are these 11,000 participants to be found?" Followed by, "What will the server and other diners think about that particular restaurant uninhibitness?"

Anyway, for the impatient, one-tenth of the respondents in Time Out thought that it was acceptable to end the first date by sharing a bed. Nighty night! No data was provided on how many must occur before couples advance to second or third base, but some of us wonder.

Obviously, particulars about the sample should be intriguing: the ages of the participants, their religious status, the representativeness of the sample.  The statistical devil is in the details, you know!

Part of the process of dating, from the woman's perspective, is to present oneself as desirable. And to avoid the negatives. 

To put it negatively, that means, first of all for most of us is don't dress or act like a slut. 

The first part is relatively straightforward.  The second part involves not appearing "too easy."

But maybe the standards of easiness vary from place to place. What might play in NYC or L.A. might not in Omaha or Duluth.

Of course, I came from a place known for its lack of inhibitions. Some girls I know even wore their Mardi Gras beads to church on Ash Wednesday! (You all know how those beads were come by; they're regarded as trophies for alcohol-based lack of inhibitions.)

But I would say that the going number of dates before sex in the Crescent City probably is at least twelve. At least among people I know who alluded on that topic. Orleanians and prudishness -- sounds like an oxymoron come to life!



Grand Crapaud said...

No formula - just when both feel it's right.

bakku-shan said...

So are you saying to deliberately waste your and his time for several months, only to find out that the guy is no good in the sack? Why waste your time with a non-performer?

Cloudia said...

Thanks for the survey,local notes, and opinion, Angel! Always worthwhile

Mike said...

It's been way to long for me to know how many dates is the right amount.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Sex is for when both feel right about it.

allenwoodhaven said...

"The statistical devil is in the details, you know" is so great, because it's so true!
I wonder about respondents and methodology for any poll or study. Things are
often not the way they seem.

As for the topic, when they both want to seems to be the right number.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thanks for your thoughts, friends!

Anemone said...

I've always played this loose; depending on whether there's chemistry or not. Plus feeling a need to be screwed by someone other than the state government.