Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Everett, Washington Bans Bikini Baristas

Well, I just learned about another modern-day Land of the Uptight Prudes, I was surprised at where this place was located -- not Utah or Boston, but Washington State. Specifically, Everett, Washington's City Council recently passed an ordinance banning baristas from wearing bikinis. Or, as someone sniffed, "half-naked women."

As an occasional bikini-wearer at the shore and someone who thinks wearing one in public is not offensive to public morals, I find this dismaying. It clearly seems like an uncalled-for limitation on the freedom of expression. Hey, they have bikini baristas in Alabama!

But I wonder about this prudishness from this unexplained source. Have the Trumpies won? Are we in for a actualization of The Handmaiden's Tale? What other limitations can we anticipate with dread? How about a Pasty Patrol? 

The city actually came up with an example of what baristas could wear to be compliant with the dress code:

Sleveless shirts? Thought up by someone with tacky tastes, no doubt!

Seriously, this sort of blue law is excessively intrusive, and sucks out some enjoyment of life. I don't know what the total moral climate is there; but I feel that I might be the quintessential outsider.

Here's a bikini barista showing her dubious fandom:

Here's a little story about Angel (moi!)

Years ago, I worked for a while as a barista, a purveyor of licit addictive caffeinated substances. Several of us tried a few ways to prompt people to leave a gratuity in the tip jar. We found that the best way was to use one of our bras; with each of us in rotation offering one of ours as the tip receptacle! As I had body issues at the time, I was pleased that mine when it was the bra of the day got a gratifying amount of tips.


Mariette said...

A bra as a tips jar? That's cool!

John Hill said...

Sounds like a great way to inspire tipping!
Probably wouldn't be allowed in Everett.

Grand Crapaud said...

They must have solved all the world's problems in Everett so that they can now turn to considering dress codes for baristas.

Duckbutt said...

Does that go against the First Amendment?

Mike said...

We had a topless bar/restaurant in St. Louis recently. It was open long enough to go through several court battles where they finally lost.

All the topless joints in the St. Louis area are across the Mississippi in a small hamlet of 159 people called Sauget, IL. The topless joints bring in enough tax money that there is a police department of 16 cops along with a fire department of 16 firefighters.

Hell Hound said...

It would seem to me, following Mike's illustration, that a coffee bar featuring baristas wearing bikinis would be a local revenue enhancer. Now that's capitalism and government that work together!

Cloudia said...

You WORKED it girl!

allenwoodhaven said...

That was a clever idea, and I'm sure it worked well, human nature being what it is.

That city council needs a little less moral indignation. Offended? Don't patronize the business!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...
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Bilbo said...

It lends new meaning to the old expression, "My cup runneth over."