Friday, September 15, 2017

An Outré Dinner Date

Angela liked Mark a lot; and when he asked her out to dinner, she was overjoyed. Mark was, to her, the beau ideal of her class, who seemingly had smarts, polish, and connections.

Until she found out where he was taking her: The Pussycat's Den, a new, locally-owned breastaurant in town!

She demurred half-heartedly; but decided that this was a new kind of camp experience. And something in her wondered what it was like.

Well, there were the well-bosomed waitresses. Deliberately selected on the basis of breast size and willingness to display them. And the atmosphere was slightly frat house modern.

And, to cap it all off, Mark and Angela joined five other guys for a drinking and bull session! In all, it was an odd sex ratio; and Angela wondered what the ramifications of that were.

Then she got the message: Mark thought of her as a friend who happened to be a girl, not a girlfriend! And he wanted her to meet his other buds. Maybe she could fit in with this high testosterone group. But Angela didn't think she had some of the subtle symptoms in women. (Women produce small quantities of testosterone in the adrenal glands and in the ovaries.) 

Needless to say, Angela was hurt and disappointed by her being relegated to the dreaded friend zone. However, the story did have a surprise twist: she eventually married one of the guys that she met that night at the Pussycat's Den, and Mark was in the bridal party as the Best Man (or Best Dude)!

Sometimes friends help out in unusual ways. And being in the Friend Zone ain't too bad.

A Pussycat Girl in Her Outfit.


Mike said...

Life can take some strange turns.

Cloudia said...

yup! maybe he has a friend. Get out there :)

Jono said...

Of all the friend zones I've been in this has never happened to me. Darn it!

John Hill said...

Ah...the dreaded friend zone!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be entering into Tennessee, the 16th state of my journey.
If you're out driving, watch out for old guys on motorcycles!

Bilbo said...

I learned a new word today: "breastauraunt." We actually have one of those not far from us, which (based on parking lot occupancy) seems to do a brisk business.

Linda Kay said...

Oh my, girlfriend.... is this a personal story???

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Nice story.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Mike, life does!

Bilbo, they say the hot wings are fine at Hooters.

Linda Kay, I've hung out with guys; but not in such a settings.

Joh Hill, that must have been an epic trip!

Jono, some people get lucky.

Cloudia, I'm married now. :)

Thank you all for your thoughts.