Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Come And Stay With Me" - BOTB

Here's an oldie: "Come And Stay With Me." The original was done by Marianne Faithful in 1965; so it's over fifty years old! It has a nice beat and lyrics, in my opinion. Marianne Faithful was asked to record "As Tears Go By,"  by Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham. Later on, she recorded an album which made her a hitmaker in her own right. This song got a lot of radio play; reaching #4 in the U.K.

Shortly afterwards (1968), Jackie DeShannon, the original writer of the song, did her own version. It can be found in her Laurel Canyon album.

Jackie DeShannon wrote and performed a number of classics in her time; most notably, "What the World Needs Is Love. Born Sharon Lee Myers in Kentucky to a musical family, she was, in my opinion, the most underrated of the female song writers who also performed. Listen to her sing "The Weight."

Finally, Cher did a version around the same time frame as Marianne Faithfull and Jackie DeShannon. She is better known as half of the Sonny and Cher duo; and later as an actress.

So, with three versions of the same song, which of the artists did the best rendition?

Marianne Faithfull         _____
Jackie DeShannon         _____
Cher                              _____

Y'all cast your vote for your pick. (Chicago rules do not apply; only one vote per person, please.)

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Rudolph said...

Jackie Deshannon.

Arlee Bird said...

Not too much difference in the arrangements so I'm voting according to vocal preference. The only version I was previously familiar with was the one by Cher--it's fine, but I like the other two better. That twangy guitar in the Char version is good though.

Of the two remaining, I thought Faithfull's version was a bit weak. I like her vocal style, but the delivery here was a bit lacking.

DeShannon delivers a solid version of the song with a very nice piano break which I did like.

I vote for Jackie DeShannon.

Nice match-ups.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Duckbutt said...

The Marianne Faithfull and Jackie DeShannon versions were both good; but I think the Jackie DeShannon version was the better one!
My vote for Jackie!

Debbie D. said...

Cher is one of my favourite singers, but it was Jackie De Shannon's version that I liked the best. Please give my vote to her. Marianne Faithfull was okay, but lacked emotion, in my opinion.

John Hill said...

Jackie DeShannon

Cloudia said...

Marianne Faithfull was a phenomena but I have a ton of respect and affection for Jackie DeShannon

Cherdo said...

This was tough and before I listened to them, I thought I'd roll with Marianne Faithfull. But that wasn't really very good, IMHO. I've heard her sound a lot better.

Cher, with her powerful pipes, sounded like she was warbling on the notes & timing in places. Remembering this was young Cher, I know she got better as time went by. Can't give her the win, either.

Jackie DeShannon, I gotta give it to you, girl! Love the folksie vibe she delivered, too.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Amazing that Marianne is still alive. Have you heard the story about the Mars Bar?

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

The best rendition was performed by its writer, Jackie DeShannon!

Love her talent!

Dixie@dcrelief said...

EPT, I'm not sure if it was the video quality that influenced me or what. I've liked all three singers for a long time. My favorite for your battle is:Jackie DeShannon. It's a really smooth ballad.

Mike said...


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

For sure, I have never had any qualms about not being part of the "In Crowd". (I guess Bobby Darin said it best: "I ain't going your way; get outta MY way!")

Never ever been a Cher fan, but she gets my vote on this one.

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Screen Door on a Submarine said...

Cher, who else?

Jeffrey Scott said...

Even though the first video suffers from sound quality, I've decided to be faithful to her and cast my vote in that direction.

Michele Truhlik said...

For me, this came down to Jackie DeShannon and Cher. I'm a huge Cher fan but I really like Jackie DeShannon's voice better. Did I really just say that??! :)

So my vote goes to Jackie...

Great battle! Don't forget to vote at my battle. Hope to see you over there...

Michele at Angels Bark

Mary Burris said...

Jackie Shannon gets my vote this time.

Jingle Jangle Jungle

Janie Junebug said...

I vote for Jackie DeShannon. What a voice!


Birgit said...

I like Jackie DeShannon because of her strong voice. Cher is second because she is unique and the last gal...her voice was just not that strong for me.

Robin said...

I kinda expected to vote for Cher when I sized up the contenders prior to the battle. Turns out, I liked the vocal styling of Jackie DeShannon more. Who'd a thunk it??? Give her my vote please.

mike spain said...

Jackie DeShannon gets my vote! Cher was kind of a disappointment on this one.