Monday, January 25, 2016

Phoenix Phil and the Speedo

Since it was an unseasonably hot day for October in Wyoming, the cowpokes, including Cowgirl Melinda, decided to take a dip in the crick. No, not like some old movie lady and that singing kid; they went in wearing proper swimwear, Wyoming-style. From the start, let me say that Melinda wore proper cut-offs and a t-shirt; she was not into flaunting her figure with the cowpokes in need of a Saturday night somewhere.

And the others pretty well dressed like they hadn't much truck with the water; cut-offs, jeans, two sported board shorts like west coast surfer dudes!

But Phoenix Phil stepped out of his jeans and revealed that he was wearing a speedo! Needless to say, the rest of them did a double take like the time Melinda wore a bikini too short for Utah!

And the comments started!

"Whoa, bro! Too much information."

"Hey Phil, that one doesn't have much of a back and your lack of tan is showing!"

"No doubt about it, Phil - you had too many beers over times."

"Are you wearing a Solo drinking cup on your gear?"

Well, Phoenix Phil got on his high horse and said, "You guys are just jealous and lack a sense of style!"

Cowgirl Melinda said it pretty proper: "I wish I'd a had a drink or two to prepare for that."

Anyway, amid all that merriment, one of them had an idea: Phil would do a horseback streak while galloping through nearby Big Butte, Montana!

So they did. And to encourage the now-reluctant Phil, several of them rode altogether in the altogether with him.

That evening, a few of the Big Butte citizens were taking their ease in front of a bar, complete with swinging doors, when they saw this surreal sight: bad cowboy moons rising!

"Holy horse droppings; that must have been some bad whiskey we drank this evening. What next, elephants wearing tutus?"

They raised their questions to Sheriff Bartlett while he was apparently eating a pear.

Ol' Sheriff thought to himself, "Well, shoot! Gotta work now."

So he stomped out and soon came across six buck naked cowboys on horses.

Sheriff Bartlett thought he was hallucinating, so he took the pledge.


John Hill said...

The only guys wear speedos here in Cancun shouldn't be!

Bilbo said...

What John said, except it applies everywhere!

Linda Kay said...

John said it the retirement community where we used to live, there were so 70 and 80 year old guys wearing speedos. Ugh!

Deena said...

Speedos should be restricted to buff guys in their 20's.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

I agree with Bilbo.

Mike said...

"...Bartlett .. pear..."

Now cut that out!

Anemone said...

I think it's nice wen we get a sense of a guy's tackle.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Holy moly! That photo ain't bad.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Is this a gay story? It reminds me of Brokebutt Mountain.