Friday, January 8, 2016

Campus and Football Banners

Nothing like a few examples of the ways that university and high school students can be provocative. First, some banners from fraternity houses at ODU. Did any moms take them up on it?

They certainly try to make a girl's mom welcome! The moms must be assured their daughters are in safe hands!

DKE at LSU raised hackles with the one on the left; so much that they were required to apologize. At least someone remembered that event:

Now for some run-through banners. This one is a helpful hint for the opponent team that's not going to make the next level of the playoff:

I'm sure they're looking forward to it:

Are the opponents named the Bobcats or the Tigers?

This one is rather tame, as some go:

Some Texas cheerleaders want to add religion to the curriculum. At least they're not dyslexic:

It's Biblical; but what is the context for this?

This is what happens when cheerleaders choose their own Bible verses:

This one from Mt. Adory High School in Alabama had an historical context along with running up a lot of offense. The removal of the Cherokee and other tribes happened over 180 years ago; and still rankles.

It should be expected, as a rule, to avoid sexual or historical allusions on campus signs. There's always someone going to take offense. Actually, there are a lot of professional offense-takers on campus and with the media.


Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Shouldn't the best response is laughter? Why make a big thing of some banner?

John Hill said...

And I suppose it is only the beginning of the witty, yet inappropriate banners.

Linda Kay said...

What happened to just the name of the team? All high school teams here in Texas have the run through kind at every game.

Bunny said...

The one about the period must have shocked a few.

Cloudia said...

Education is a wonderful thing, Angel

Mike said...

I found two spelling errors. Literbox and responsable. Did I miss anymore?

Duckbutt said...

I can imagine that the first one caused deans' heads to explode!

Anemone said...

The first one happened at ODU. Hardly the most laid-back university.

Bilbo said...

I'm working on an upcoming blog post about the point when we suddenly realize we're adults. I don't think some of those banner authors are there quite yet.