Thursday, December 26, 2013

Having a Memorable Hissy Fit

A hissy fit is more or less defined as a temper tantrum over something trivial.  Apparently, this term is used primarily in the South, and is most often thought of as a feminine excess.  Unfortunately, as males have been able to have their equivalent while flying under the radar and their emotional display not be labeled a "hissy fit."

I did a little internet into hissy fits, and mostly it is of the definitional type.  However, Wikihow does give some pointers on how to have a good hissy fit:

In my opinion, this was just a bare framework, hardly sufficient for its purposes.  It's obvious that the writer did not put a lot of work into it.  Having a good hissy fit is a social art in itself, don't let me kid you!

So here are some working points:

1.  Find some issue to get emotionally labile about.  It doesn't have to be trivial; anyway, "trivial" is strictly in the eyes of one person only.

2.  Start off slow . . . . but start to hyperventilate.  This might cause reddening of the cheeks or a feeling of dizziness.

3.  Start off with your voice low, and gradually increase its volume.

4.  Changing the octave of your voice is particularly effective, especially if it increases a notch or two or three!

5.  Cuss.  But in a lady-like way.

6.  Throw small objects.  It's even more effective if they're breakable.  Throwing your shoes carries a particularly dramatic touch.  Your bra, not so much.

7.  Flounce out of the room.  Note -- It is a good idea to practice your flouncing to prefect its expression.  There's nothing less effective than a lame flouncing out of the room.

8.  Give your audience a little time to think that the storm is over, then blow back into the room.

9.  Be really loud.  Babble.

10.  Throw yourself on the floor and kick wildly.

11.  Feign a faint.

12.  Pay attention to your audience.  It is important to keep them surprised and off balance.

Having a hissy fit can be an art form.  It is well-worth perfecting.  Guys can have them too.  As a matter of fact, some are jedi masters at hissy fits:


Juliette said...

Like an 'hysterical fit'?

TexWisGirl said...

i get shrill and cuss quite well.

bakku-shan said...

Throwing things usually draws notice.

Mike said...

I'm going to have take flouncing lessons.

Deena said...

When I have a hissy fit, it aint over something trivial!

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Bob Knight could giving acting lessons in staging hissy fits! He was good in his heyday!

Anemone said...

I love the irony here. It is irony, right?

Françoise said...

I can do a good one, Texas-style or Picardie-style.

Bilbo said...

I believe some memorable hissy fits have been thrown by various GOP members of Congress in their hysterical hatred of the present administration.

Cloudia said...

This is actually brilliant! Should be a paid contribution to BUSTLE, or some other outlet that would be wise to snap it up!

#7 was my personal fave - but really, ALL fab, Doll!

from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

Big Sky Heidi said...

WTF is this last one?