Sunday, December 22, 2013


I must admit that I'm in favor of sex education.  But, in my opinion, the present-day approaches are more oriented toward birth control and family planning -- treating it like it's something dirty and embarassing.  It's almost as if there's an assumption that teens and unmarried persons will do it; but we just don't want any bébés to result from them doing this dirty deed!  In that way, they are very similar in outlook to the moralistic, religious opponents of sex-ed.
It seems to me that there should also be instruction on how to make it more enjoyable!   What a fantastic idea!  Surely even the most benighted educators and legislatures have encountered that possibility.  Why not instruction in how to perform foreplay better?   Or, how about considering some noncoital forms of sex?
I mean, the average Catholic girl picks these up from other girls' talking about their experiences.  Are the people who design curricula that dense or inexperienced that they cannot find information of this type properly?  Apparently, some guys could use some pointers, like our politicians.  But holders of Ed.Ds should know how to do the rudiments of basic research!  They need to do it, and put it in their curricula!



Mike said...

'Why not instruction in how to..'

I'll be looking forward to your videos. With NO mardigras masks.

TexWisGirl said...

yeah, good luck with that.

Insane Penguin said...

Well, she asked for a poke.

Bilbo said...

If the GOP gains control of the Senate and keeps control of the House in the next election, both sex AND education will disappear in this country.