Thursday, January 3, 2013

Funny Place Names

Why not look at a few funny place names?  Sometimes people get quite creative in coming up with a name for where they live.

The first funny place name comes from its apparent origin: It was a mistake.  Apparently, Nome received its name through an error that occurred when a British cartographer copied a note made by a British officer on a nautical chart during his voyage up the Bering Strait. The officer had written "? Name" next to the unnamed cape. The mapmaker misread this as "C. Nome", or Cape Nome, and added that name on his own chart.  The name stuck.   Nome had a gold rush in the early 1900's.

Not being content with one place named Boogerton, Tennessee and North Carolina each have one.  Tissues and antihistamines are used aplenty in both places.

Apparently, some Amish in Pennsylvania discovered a new form of recreation, and named one of their towns after this pleasant pursuit.
A community in Georgia honored the Great American Orgasm in their place-name.  Since there is more than one Climax in the U.S., we must note that multiple orgasms are as American as apple pie.
If there is a place needing a name change, it is Anus, France.  Is there a Cloaca nearby?  At least the residents know where their heads are.
I wonder about the safety in this small Texas community.  Presumably, the N.R.A. has a strong presence here.  Does the local E.R. have weekend specials?
A harder than usual toilet for the stouthearted residents here.
This is appropriate, as Mississippi has the highest rate of obesity in the United States. 
Another town in Mississippi: one addicted to a legal stimulant.  No warranty as to the quality of the coffee.   Is there a Starbuck's there?
Bookend flatuses are not honored here.  It's the middle one that must be properly stressed in this Danish place.
Small towns sometimes do have an activity shortage, but this place just gave up!
For excessively narcissistic people.
Residents in this place in Maryland must be forgiven for always expecting something bad to happen.
Doesn't look much like an elephant; maybe a hippo.
Here's an oddly-named town in Washington that is proud of its modern city dump.
Scrupulousity in card-playing and business is the rule here in Kentucky.
A fabulous drugstore in one place; and rough water in the other?
This Pennsylvania town makes me wonder why a neighboring place was not named Two-in-Bush.
This town is in Devon, England. 
Not hardly a commendation for this place but possibly a reason why it did not grow.
Yes, there is just such a place in Kentucky.  Fussy wordsmiths from New England said that the sign should read 'Opossum Trot.'
 Opportunity comes knocking in Montana:
Happy traveling in 2013, you all!


Duckbutt said...

These are more interesting than usual places to pass through.

Nome is interesting but very isolated.

Bilbo said...

"Intercourse" and "Bird in Hand" are always mentioned in lists of funny place names, and are popular photo ops for tourists in my home state of PA. Many years ago, my car broke down in a tiny Tennessee town just off I-40 called "Bucksnort" (perhaps known to Heidi). But my favorite has to be Anus, France. What more can be said?

Mike said...

Those are some fun names. But I kept waiting for a certain town in Austria to show up. I did a post on it awhile back. Here's a link to the wikipedia page...,_Austria

TexWisGirl said...

i like 'dull'. :)

Grand Crapaud said...

All the more reason to drive carefully in Nasty to avoid the nasty stuff.

Aus, France is a good possible vacation site for our Congress.

Deena said...

Does the Boogerman come from Boogertown, TN or Boogertown, NC?

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Bilbo -- I'm sure those places experience a lot of sign theft.

Duckbutt -- Nome is isolated, and presumably cold.

TexWis Girl -- As long as it has its bright moments!

Mike -- I wonder if the place could serve as a resort for a dirty weekend.

Grand -- A good place for Congress!
Anus, France.

Deena -- NC for sure.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Alabama does have a Scroungout, and an Intercourge in Sumter County.

BipolarBunny said...

I went to school near Boring, MD.