Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meaningless Games and Conference Names?

An unfortunate concept that I've occasionally encountered while reading the sports pages is that of a meaningless game.

Now I know what the sportswriter intends:  this is a game between two teams that will have no effect on a team making the playoffs, pennant, or championship; either because they've already clinched their birth, or because even if they win they will go no further than the regular season.  In a lot of ways, this is unfortunate. 

It places undue importance to the playoff games at the expense of the ordinary games.  And it implicitly sends the signal that players don't have to put 100% in their efforts.

But, importantly, it denigrates the occasion of when two less-than-sterling teams are competing.

As a matter of fact, maybe the cheerleaders and fans should regard these as of minor consequence: not yell so loud, or even show up.  And, if a player is on a 9-18 basketball team, and the team has no chance of being in the NCAA Tournament, then he could bag that last game or two and drink beer instead.

A lot of life depends on attitude.  And this is not the type of attitude to foster.
A cursory reading of the sports page suggests that the expansion of conferences is being discussed.  Already Texas A & M is going to the Southeastern Conference, and Missouri soon to follow.  Isn't that stretching southeastern a little?  And they must have discovered coastline in Oklahoma and they are contemplating movement to the PAC-12 conference.  But by far is that Eastern Establishment school, Boise State, joining the Big East.

How about the Big Ten?  Last I noticed there were 12 teams.


Anonymous said...

But what's in a name?

Banana Oil said...

What's in a game?

Big Sky Heidi said...

Colorado is already in the PAC-12.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

The SEC going to 14 teams probably means a serious realignment. Will old rivalries persist afterwards? Hopefully, the Auburn - Alabama game will still be a classic!