Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Priorities of the Media

Amid the distractions of the budget crisis, the war in Libya, the Euro going in the toilet, the hacking scandal, and the continuing chaos that is the Middle East, the media somehow manages to zero on the true important matters.  Yeah, Dawlin' dey know!

Yes, we were treated to the spectacle of Anthony Weiner's weiner (draped in boxers, thank God!).  But fresh meat has emerged; even though the quarry is rather small, alas.  (I hope my metaphor does not make any guys reading this uncomfortable!)

Here's two little bitty ones:  Recently it came out that freshman Tennessee Representative Julia Hurley (R-Lenoir City), aged 29, carved her initials into her desk in the Tennessee State Assembly.  She claims not to remember what tool she used.

Rep. Hurley recently drew national attention in February for crediting her success in politics and business to the time she spent working at Hooters restaurants in the company's magazine.  As she put it, "If I could make it at Hooters, I could make it anywhere." 

Okay, cutting one's initials is not the best example of mature, adult behavior; but we all screw up sometimes.  But why was it necessary to mention that she had been a Hooters girl?  And, unfortunately, the Knoxnews did not show her in Hooters costume.

The other tidbit involves French First Lady Carla Bruni, who apparently appeared on a television program Eurotrash in which she described a language phrase book with useful linguistic skills.  Apparently, the reader could find out how to say "put your finger in my bottom" and "do you like my titties" in seven different languages.  And she sounded so charming, I am envious!  Nevertheless, the French government got You Tube to pull it.

These are useful.  In fact, I know how to say those things only in French and English.  I don't know if the need to say them in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, or Czech would ever arise.  Hopefully, not.  But the second one is definitely an ice-breaker.

Why there was a need to suppress the old videos, I have no idea. 


Anonymous said...

Your cartoons are so cute!

Hell Hound said...

So how do you say, "Do you like my titties"?

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

I would have enjoyed watching more of the program, myself. Carla Bruni is so beautiful and charming. And I would have liked to see what a Tennessee state representative looks like in a Hooters costume.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of how much temptation to untie the strins of a string bikini?

Anonymous said...

Gratuitous cheesecake, but your remarks on these news trivia is on-target.

Banana Oil said...

European television can be raunchy, as compared to American television.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Hell Hound: "Aimes-tu mes nénés?" Or, formally, "Aimes-vous mes nénés." I don't that question calls for the polite form of address.

Anonymous: Yes, I am aware of the temptation to undo the strings. The tension lends excitement to perceiving the wearer.

Anonymous said...

The Grand Tetons in Wyoming were named by a French-speaking explorer. It means "Big Tits" in French.