Friday, December 31, 2010

Bras and Panties as Morale Boosters

I will admit to having bought a particularly sexy and filmy bra and panties set that I wear occasionally under my work clothes. These are intended for no one's eyes other than my own; it strangely makes me feel good and wicked about myself under my junior professor suit in which I try to pass for the real thing.

Interestingly, a recent issue of Shop Smart Magazine touched on this particular topic: Among the findings reported in the January issue ( is that the typical woman above age 18 has about 21 pairs of panties.  Also, 47% of women feel sexier and more confident while wearing a nice set of panties.
That's an easy psychological boost!


•27% say their mood is affected by wearing an ill-fitting or unattractive pair of undies.

•10% of women own 35 or more pairs.

65% buy neural colors, with white being the most popular, followed by black and beige.

•Overall, 46% of women say briefs are the style they wear the most often. But women age 18-34 are more likely to wear the bikini style.

•56% of women fold their panties; 27% just toss them in the drawer.

•1 in 10 women admit that they will venture out of the house without underwear.

•Half of women have complaints about the way their underwear fit, with "wedgies" (30%) topping that list, followed by "doesn't lay flat under clothes" (19%) and "not enough coverage in the rear" (14%).


Anonymous said...

That's a cute bra! I would like to find one like it also.

Do you sometimes wear a thong at work?

bakku-shan said...

Did your boyfriend give you that bra?

Full Cup Balcony said...

I'll admit that I'm a bra- and panty-hoarder: I take a long time before I discard one, even though they're beyond the point of wearability. Sometimes it's fun to give an old one to a boyfriend, if that's not too risqué. And, yes, I do have a set that is a morale-booster!

Anonymous said...

That bra looks like a "must be seen in" bra. To be worn only when you invite him in?

eViL pOp TaRt said...

No, I bought it for myself.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Anonymous -- Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but thongs are not for me.

Bakku-shan: No, I purchased it for myself.

Another Anonymous -- I think that one should get satisfaction in one's underclothes, not just other people.

Strapless Bra said...

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eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thank you!

Deena said...

I understand the concept. I feel better when I'm more attractive underneath my outer clothing.