Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Special Days for December

December 1 -- Complain About Television Day

December 2 -- Sing Out of Tune Tuesday

December 3 -- Hello Kitty Appreciation Day

December 4 -- Wear Slippers to Work Day

December 5 -- Act Like Everything's Okay Day

December 6 -- Love Mo Rocca Day

December 7 -- Wear Bowling Shoes to Church Day

December 8 -- Catch the Elusive Butterfly of Love and Pull Its Wings Off Day

December 9 -- Feast of the Transformed Bathroom

December 10 -- Take Your Dog to Lunch Day

December 11 -- The Muffler King is crowned today.

December 12 -- Madonna Will Finally Justify Her Love, But No One Cares

December 13 -- International Navel Review

December 14 -- What the Heck; Bring Back Daylight Savings Time Day

December 15 -- Eat More Beans Day

December 16 -- Be Glad You're Not Paris Hilton Day

December 17 -- Nag the Cows Day

December 18 -- Rescind Arkansas Statehood Day

December 19 -- Oops, Britney Did It Again Day

December 20 -- Annual PMS Spirit Day

December 21 -- Nutria Appreciation Day

December 22 -- Barista Appreciation Day

December 23 -- Annual Belch-in

December 24 -- Last Minute Shopping Rush

December 25 -- You Must Eat the Yams with Meringue Day!

December 26 -- National Collective Headache Day

December 27 -- Sleep Late Just Because Day: Don't Ask!

December 28 -- Hissy Fit Day

December 29 -- Midwinter Try On Your Swimsuit Day: Prozac Moment

December 30 -- Festival of Darkness

December 31 -- Short-term Resolution Day


Anonymous said...

What do you have against Arkansas? Surely there is no credible movement to rescind statehood for Arkansas . . . . Which state are you from, and what allows you to be so judgemental? It's not like we're all hillbillies and sleep with our sisters! Arkansas seems to be the recipient of slamming from jealous neighbors. We were where THE BEST President of recent times came from -- put that in your pipe and smoke it . . . .

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Anomymous, I'm sorry I offended.

I was trying to be funny. Unsuccessfully, it seems.

The quality of the President from Arkansas is subject to lively debate.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I don't smoke.