Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Hello Kitty Ninja Angels Strike

"BOLD AS BRASS!" -- The head nun scolds, using an expression that is calculated to intimidate us into returning to the paths of righteousness, not to mention the two weeks of detention for our excursion to the race track. We looked (hopefully) hangdog enough that she would soon tire of her tirade. Ahhh, we were used to brass: that being about as much as our boy friends could afford to give us as items of jewelery. (My wrist developed a long-term brownish-green line from a wrist band I wore for over two years.)

Anyway, we got through the scolding from the Principal and the subsequent 'parental counseling' and the detention with a sufficient degree of injury that made us feel that we needed to do one more thing just to prove that the adults did not have our number just yet. But what?
One of us, more imaginative and miscevious, developed an idea. We were going to do a raid on a nearby Catholic boys' high school; something that would surely be a dramatic and unequivocal act of defiance! (And prove to boys that we can be as daring!) Specifically, we were going to switch something for their school flag.

The boys at that school had to do some R.O.T.C. thing going, and they wore uniforms. Every morning some of them raised their the school flag and the U.S. flag with ceremony. It was all impressive, had the work-bound commuters been able to appreciate what was being done instead of driving like maniacs in the turbulent New Orleans traffic. Our plan was to take their school flag; and put something else in its place to emphasize that they were hit. But, in order to be effective, we would have to be late for our own school. How to go about it? We thought about it a bit.

First, we would have to affect the switch just after classes began, when all of their teachers and students were inside. Also, we considered what what we should do and what to wear. Obviously, wearing some attention-getting clothing like ninja costumes would call attention to ourselves. So, we decided to do it slowly and deliberately, dressed in our own school uniforms. We assumed that the casual passersby would either not notice us or figure that we were conducting a legitimate flag-raising. (As a general rule, if you act like you belong doing something, people seldom ask questions.) Finally, what to do with the flag afterwards? We were not into stealing per se: what value does a school flag have, anyway? So we decided to lower the flag, run up a substitute, and hide the flag openly in the Meeting Hall of the boys' school.

Sooo . . . . at approximately 9 A.M. we ceremoniously lowered the school flag. Then came the risky part. We entered the boys' school, and quickly ran to the Meeting Hall where we draped their school flag over the podium. Nobody was about; and we accomplished our mission with full success. We got to our school and our tardiness was unnoticed by the teacher, who desultorily took roll at the end of first period.

What did we run up in its stead? Well, it was a "Hello Kitty" lingerie set, 34A pink and white! And it was proudly displayed on their flagpole all day until after school. Many of the boys missed it even then; being more intent on going home. However, the members of the football team all confirmed that a bra and panty set was hanging from the flagpole and it did not have the school colors on it! They reported being obviously pleased with the substitution and the resultant annoyance it caused their faculty. Imagine the least important one having to retreive lingerie from a flagpole! Adults take things so personally.

The school flag was discovered two days later, so I heard, in the Assembly Hall. We sent them a picture of us in our school uniforms displaying their school flag and the 'Hello Kitty' set, but with all of us wearing 'Hello Kitty' masks As far as I know, nothing was said to the nuns. We correctly figured that the boy school faculty would be too proud to admit anything like that to the nuns.


Philomena said...

This was a cute story. I enjoyed it. Somehow, I don't think the h.s. guys were troubled by having lingerie on their flagpole, although the teachers might.

Anemone said...

This was a delicious story of h.s. days. You had some fun, Angel!