Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Eyes Don't Have It

What do men fixate on when looking at a woman's face?

Research by Dr. Geoff Beattie of the University of Manchester found that men, upon first encountering a woman, would spend about half of the first 10 seconds looking at her lips upon first meeting her provided she's wearing red lipstick.

Men fixated on lips wearing pink lipstick for 6.7 seconds on average; and 7.3 for those with red lipstick. Unfortunately for Goth girls like Dethany in the comic strip On the Fast Track, he did not collect data on dark lipstick. 

If women were wearing lipstick, then men spent only about 0.95 seconds looking at her eyes and 0.85 seconds looking at her hair.

If the woman being viewed was not wearing lipstick, then the guys focused on her lips only for about 2.2 seconds. The moral of the story is to wear a little lipstick! Maybe they might pay less attention to what's below the neck too!


Cloudia said...

Always interesting and fun, Angel!

John Hill said...

That's good info for the females, but what do women look at? Help a brother out, Angel!

Mike said...

Red depends on the face. Many women look better with lighter colors.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Thank you, Cloudia.

John Hill, I haven't found any data on that as yet.

Mike, I agree, just from esthetic criteria. And some women might consider red to be too provocative and prefer the understatement that goes with pink.

Jono said...

"Hey, buddy! My lips are up here!" Yeah, maybe the lips, but the eyes can say so much.

Grand Crapaud said...

So where is their gaze on primarily if she isnt wearing lipstick?

bakku-shan said...

Just go braless, and he wont notice your lips or your eyes because of nippleage.