Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cowgirl Melinda and the Running of the Bulls

Cowgirl Melinda, normally a lass of even temperament and slow to criticize, could make some exceptions at times. She did have a minimal fashion sense, as she commented on why she would not wear jodhpurs while in Captain Randy's Tame Eastern Show. She was neutral during the 2016 election; considering it a serious mess no matter how se looked at it. 

But there is one thing that totally and reliably stuck in her craw. That is that ostensibly sane individuals would go to torrid northwestern Spain in mid-summer, for gosh sake!  And let themselves be chased by bulls! For God's sake: those damned things have horns and they don't blow 'em!

She was, of course, referring to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona!

Now let's get the flavor of Melinda's thoughts on this:

"Hopping Horehound Cough Drops, buckaroos! You mean there are people so screwed up that they would willingly go to a place where pissed-off bulls get to run down the street and be chased by them? No, these dudes were not sentenced by some barbaric court to be chased and possibly maimed by these raging cattle; they did it on purpose! One even got gored in his gut and another in his scrotum for being on the unlucky end of one of these terrible testy toros!"

"I blame it all on a 1920's hack writer, Hemingway, a Midwesterner who wrote some other Required Reading that we subject high school kids to and tell them it could be worse: It could be Jude the Really Obscure or Great Expectorations!*

And listening to Cowgirl Melinda, this makes a lot of sense. Who in his or her right mind would get in the way of angry bulls? 

*The real deal books were bo-ring! - A.M.B.


Cloudia said...

I like her ideas!

Anemone said...

It's just machismo strutting vainly in public!

Mike said...

I feel sorry for the person that has to try and keep up with the bulls from behind with his cart and broom and clean up their mess.

John Hill said...

The only way I would consider this a fun day is to be watching from a balcony while munching on a bull burger and drinking an Alhambra Mezquita and laughing at the idiots being trampled or gored by the bulls!

Hell Hound said...

It's a pretty sick spectacle, IMO.

allenwoodhaven said...

You make a good point!

Bilbo said...

Good point! But I really enjoyed "Great 'Expectorations'" when I read it back in high school!

Gorilla Bananas said...

It seems crazy, but maybe it feels safer when you're part of a large crowd. The bull can't gore everyone's butt.