Monday, April 25, 2011

A Proposal for a Tourist Attraction

Consider this idea, Pamplona gets a lot of publicity from the annual Running of the Bulls. Why can't some small town adapt this idea for tourism purposes? Obviously, because of insurance costs, certain adaptations might be called for.

Each of the participants will each wear a red scarf and will spend the morning eating tapas and drinking sangria. At noon, a gong will be sounded, and the gates to the enclosure will be opened, discharging a huge herd of enraged turkeys! Everyone will run madly to avoid geing pecked by these enraged birds. All will run at top speed to the stadium, where the crowd will be entertained by an afternoon of turkey fights. The evening will proceed with more drinking of sangria and the rowdiness usually associated with Spring Break in the South.

Participants will return to their universities and proudly display their scars from these vicious turkeys.

The PETA people will come and go "tsk-tsk." And the media will describe it as a barbarous pastime, unlike such good, clean enterprises as Big Ten football. Now, that's a real turkey event to match the one in Pamplona!


bakku-shan said...

enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

This is certainly no less humane that the running of the bulls..........